Mar 28

ComixBrew Episode #147: Fix It with Spoilers

Episode #147: Fix It with Spoilers. Recorded on 3/26/2016. Adam, Tyler, Chris, and Josh invite you to listen in to the newest episode of ComixBrew, the one place to find the greetest opinions on comic books and craft brews. This week the guys sip in style and discuss the LEGO Batman Movie teaser, The Mighty Men of Marvel, the creator details of DC’s Rebirth, some interesting stuff about Disney and the smoking ban that has been imposed on Pixar, Lucasfilm, and Marvel Studios. Did you hear about Georgia and the Anti-LGBT bill that is on the state government agenda? If that passes, Disney is pulling out of the state….which is major because Guardians 2 is filming there as you listen to this episode. Be warned! There are massive spoilers for Batman v Superman and Daredevil Season 2 in this episode. Comics this week are: Shadow Glass #1, Hyperion #1, Rocketeer at War, and Independence Day #1. This episode concludes with the boys fixing some of the worst selling comic book titles from February. How do they do it? Intro and outro courtesy of 2hundred6. A Lazy Knights Production.













ComixBrew Episode #147: Fix It with Spoilers

The Mighty Men of Marvel


The LEGO Batman Movie

ComixBrew Episode #147: Fix It with Spoilers

Disney Extends smoking ban to Marvel, Pixar, and Lucasfilm

ComixBrew Episode #147: Fix It with Spoilers

Disney threatens to cancel shooting of Guardians 2 in Georgia

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ComixBrew Episode #147: Fix It with Spoilers

DC Comics gave you everything about Rebirth at Wondercon









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