Apr 10

ComixBrew Episode #201: Spotlight on Andrea Romano

Comixbrew Episode #201; Spotlight on Andrea Romano. Recorded on 4-8-2017

After celebrating 200 wonderful episodes, it’s back to business as usual for episode #201. This week the whole crew dives head first into the world of comic books, only resurfacing for air once they have something worth talking about, and there is a lot worth talking about this week. Mostly things coming from Marvel. Or rather not coming from Marvel. One of which being no large events for 18 months after the end of Secret  Empire. Which I think we can all agree is a great idea. However one of Marvels artists did not have a good idea when it came to some of the easter eggs he drew into X-men Gold #1. However, you will have to listen to find out what those easter eggs are. The guys also give their personal reviews of X-men Gold #1, Iron Fist #2 and Black Cloud #1. The show ends with a spotlight on Andrea Romano. Who, whether you know it or not, is responsible for a lot of the character voices from your childhood. Now, When I say a lot of the voices, I mean A LOT A LOT of those voices. It’s truly amazing just how much this lady has done. Intro and Outro courtesy of 2hundred6. A Lazy Knights Production.





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