Apr 17

ComixBrew Episode #202: Controversy Aboard The USS ComixBrew

ComixBrew Episode #202: Controversy Aboard The USS ComixBrew. Recorded on 4-15-2017.

ComixBrew is back to get your week started!!!! The controversy continues with one of Marvel’s, now former, artists. It’s not looking good for this guy in the ways of continuing in western comics. There is also a couple of large casting announcements this week. One of which is Dolph Lundgren joining the cast of Aquaman. The other being that Thanos was cast as Cable for the Deadpool sequel. The guys did decide to save the two best stories for the end of the news. One is the Thor: Ragnarok trailer, and the other is the Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer. Oh hot damn!  The guys also give their personal reviews of Black Panther and The Crew #1, Deadpool vs The Punisher #1 and Green Valley #7. The show ends with the hosts of this wonderful podcast trying to come up with their own controversy for the comic world. With no surprise, it gets a little out of hand. Intro and outro courtesy of 2hundred6. A Lazy Knights Production.





Marvel fires Ardian Syaf. Find out more here!

Dolph Lundgren joins the cast of Aquaman! Learn more here!

Josh Brolin cast as Cable! See more here!





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