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Coming From BOOM! Studios 6.28.2017

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Time to check out what is Coming From BOOM! Studios 6.28.2017. You’ll find previews of interior artwork, covers, and synopses for each of the things BOOM! is putting on the shelves this coming Wednesday. Let’s get to it.




Lumberjanes #39 – Written by Shannon Watters & Kate Leyh. Art by Ayme Sotuyo

Parents’ Day is coming to an end, but the trickster is still determined to ruin the Lumberjanes’ day!






Over the Garden Wall #15 – Written by Danielle Burgos and Kiernan Sjursen-Lien. Art by Jim Campbell and Cara McGee

The conclusion to the Hero Frog mystery! Greg and Jason must decide if they should join the Hero Frog.



The Power of the Dark Crystal #4 (of 12) – Written by Simon Spurrier, art by Kelly and Nichole Matthews

While Jen and Kira deal with the chaos the Skeksis have wrought on the castle, Thurma and Kensho are out in the wilds of Thra on the run from the Crystal Guard, unaware that something far more treacherous followed their trail: the Chamberlain.




Steven Universe #5 – Written by Grace Kraft, art by Meg Omac

Mayor Dewey commissions a play about the history of Beach City, and it’s up to Steven and Jamie to make sure the show goes on!


WWE #6 – Written by Dennis Hopeless, art by Serg Acuña

Dean Ambrose is hounding Paul Heyman and purposely provoking the scariest man in the WWE—the Beast incarnate, Brock Lesnar.



Coming From BOOM! Stduios 6.28.2017

Regular Show vol. 4

Regular Show vol. 4 – Written by Ryan Ferrier, art by Laura Howell

Oooh, yeah! Get ready as the park hosts the greatest wrestling event in all the land, and Mordecai and Rigby become…a tag team? Just wait till you see who else enters the squared circle, as Ryan Ferrier (Kennel Block Blues) and Regular Show series artist Laura Howell bring you the newest original graphic novel Regular Show: Wrasslesplosion!


Coming From BOOM! Studios 6.28.2017

Paknadel & Trakhanov’s Turncoat

Paknadel & Trakhanov’s Turncoat – Written by Alex Paknadel, art by Artyom Trakhanov

  • Written by Alex Paknadel (Arcadia, Assassin’s Creed) and illustrated by Artyom Trakhanov (Undertow, American Vampire), Paknadel & Trakhanov’s Turncoat is a gripping exploration of the sociopolitical ramifications of occupation in a post-war civilization where the transition from oppression to emancipation is anything but clean.

  • It’s been three hundred years since humanity was brutally subjugated by the alien race known as Management—and two years since these invaders abandoned Earth to return to their home world.

  • Following her participation in the brutal massacre that caused Management’s withdrawal, resistance fighter Marta Gonzalez is riddled with guilt. Rather than join the new human government, she starts her own private detective agency.

  • When a missing persons case lands on her desk, Gonzalez is forced to confront her own bloody past as she delves into the seedy underworld that’s bloomed after the alien departure.

  • Collects the complete limited series.


Coming From BOOM! Studios 6.28.2017

Irredeemable vol. 4 Premier edition

Irredeemable vol. 4 Premier Edition – Written by Mark Waid, art by Peter Krause, Diego Barreto, Eduardo Barreto, and Damian Couceiro

Our series of oversized, deluxe hardcovers collecting the award-nominated Irredeemable continues. Mark Waid’s (Daredevil) superhero epic asks the question, “What if the world’s greatest superhero decided to become the world’s greatest supervillain?” Collects issues #24-31.




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