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Nightmare Patrol #2

Nightmare Patrol #2

Nightmare Patrol #2

Suicidal Monster Squad #2!

Guess what? Monsters are still fascinating? Don’t believe me? Check out the last review we did for Nightmare Patrol. How do I know that they’re still fascinating? Because the second issue of Nightmare Patrol keeps me enthralled with the characters, the setting, and the plot. I have to know what happens next, meaning I’m hooked as a reader! Nightmare Patrol #2 – written by Jeff and Bruce Haas, with art by Frankie B. Washington, and colors by Mae Hao – picks up right where issue 1 left off…well….kinda.

Nightmare Patrol #2

credits page and nice wrap up of issue 1

In the opening of the second issue, readers actually are thrown back in time, to the first version of The Golem, brought to life in order to defend the Jewish refugees from persecution and annihilation. The Golem is brutal, The Golem is merciless, and The Golem is controlled by a very pious Rabbi who wants only the very best for his people. And that’s exactly what The Golem ensures.

That’s only one part of The Golem’s past. Readers quickly learn that in the wrong hands, The Golem can be an unstoppable force. But his backstory isn’t the only one worth mentioning in this second issue. We also get to see how Night Corpse became the vampire that we all know and love. Originally a human hacker named Melvin Bloom, Night Corpse came into being the way most typical nerds can only dream of. At the hands (and other delightful body parts) of a beautiful and dangerous seductress. Melvin was given a choice. Become a vampire by forswearing God and pledging unending loyalty to Satan. A choice given the impressionable – and probably lonely – hacker via the most gorgeous woman you can probably imagine.

There’s plenty more to highlight in Nightmare Patrol #2, but we should probably talk about the execution of the plot by the writing team. Jeff and Bruce Haas have cobbled together a story that not only hops around a specific timeline, but piques the interest of those who want only to know how our Suicidal Squad of Monsters became so….well…monstrous. A difficult task, blending exposition, character development, and plot movement. A task executed quite well during this second issue. It’s no wonder that this team is already moving on to the printing of issue #4.

There’s also the artwork to discuss this time around. There was a change in the artists between issues 1 and 2, and although that isn’t known at the time of writing this review, what is known is that it doesn’t take away from the story in the slightest. This is a narrative based in the supernatural, and as such there’s a lot an artist can do within that realm and still make it entirely believable. Whereas the last issue relied more heavily on realism, this issue went a little more cartoon-y with the art. Making it a great successor to issue 1. The exaggerating of Night Corpse’s goofiness, or the implacable nature of The Golem come through perfectly, an admirable quality in any comic book’s art.

So, where does that leave us with Night Patrol? Waiting as patiently as possible for issue 3, that’s where!

Bring on issue 3!


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