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ComixBrew Episode #216: SDCC 2017

Comixbrew Episode #216: SDCC 2017. Recorded on 7-21-2017.

Holy Guacamole Batman! It’s San Diego Comic Con this weekend!!!!! So of course, the guys dedicate an entire episode to this holiest of events. The entire show is filled with announcements from SDCC, and this only covers the first half of the CON. There is a very early announcement of a Dr. Doom movie!!!!! Oh yea, get hyped for that. We also got a wonderful Defenders trailer, with a Stan Lee voice over, and if that wasn’t enough Defenders for you, don’t worry, there was another trailer dropped with even more new footage!!! There was a Krypton trailer revealed as well, but it kind of looks like a dumpster fire, so the guys don’t spend too much time on it. There’s also an Infinity War poster that was released (and the trailer was leaked, but we won’t show you that here). We also got a Runaways release date. Oh man, isn’t this just the best time of year?! There is even more news for the world of comics, but that’s just way too much to pack into this episode description. The guys also give their personal reviews of God Country #5, Superman #27, and James Bond 007: Kill Chain. Oh and let’s not forget the group review of Secret Empire #6





The longest running comic is being cancelled! Find out more here!


Kirby – Eisner centennial collection with Humble Bundle! GO BUY COMICS HERE!


Rumors fly high around Batflek. Read more here!



Legion show runner involved with a Dr. Doom movie? Oh yes!!!




Runaways release date announced here!


Get tested for the X-gene today!!!


Young Justice Season 3! Get Hyped!


Doomsday clock draws ever closer!


First look at Dark Justice League! or is it it Dark Bat League?


Tom King teases Dark Matter


DC is about to have their very own Fantastic Family of 4. Find out more here


DC swears off varient covers for Dark Matter


Jeff Smith just announced a new Smiley Bone book through Scholastic


Grant Morisson announces Arkham Asylum 2. Yes Please!


Get ready for the last volume of League of Extraordinay Gentlemen




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