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Coming From BOOM! Studios 9.13.2017

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ComixBrew returns to give you previews of what’s Coming From BOOM! Studios 9.13.2017. You’ll find interior artwork, covers, and synopses for the comics hitting the shelves of your Local Comic Shop this Wednesday! Let’s take a look, shall we?



Adventure Time/Regular Show #2 (of 6) – Written by Conor McCreery, art by Mattia Di Meo

After escaping the attacks on the Candy Kingdom, Finn and Jake are in a totally not mathematical face-off with Mordecai and Rigby.


Grass Kings #7 – Written by Matt Kindt, art by Tyler Jenkins

Robert’s search for the serial killer has driven Bruce to bring in his estranged wife to try to talk sense into him.



Lumberjanes #42 – Written by Shannon Watters & Kate Leyh, art by Ayme Sotuyo

The Roanoke gals might have accidentally… slowed down time?




Mech Cadet Yu #2 – Written by Greg Pak, art by Takeshi Miyazawa

It’s Stanford’s first day at school, and he and his mech will have to see if they can keep up with the other students.



Slam!: The Next Jam – Written by Pamela Ribon, art by Marina Julia


  • Get ready for another lap around the track in this follow-up series to Pamela Ribon’s critically acclaimed SLAM!

  • After breaking one of the biggest rules in derby (not to mention an actual collarbone), Knockout and CanCan have a lot of work to do to rehabilitate their bodies and improve their standings in the league.






War for the Planet of the Apes #3 (of 4) – Written by David F. Walker, art by Jonas Scharf

The division between Caesar and Red has created a schism between the apes.



Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Poster Book

Artists: Kelsey Beckett, Ricardo Bessa, George Caltsoudas, Jamal Campbell, Richard Chang, Mingjue Helen Chen, Janice Chu, Abigail L. Dela Cruz, Felipe Massafera, Goñi Montes, Dan Mora, Dustin Nguyen, Daniele Di Nicuolo, Joe Quinones, Nick Robles, Babs Tarr, Kevin Wada, Scott Wade, and Xermanico

Featuring 20 removable posters of iconic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic book artwork, this curated collection showcases the diverse talents of renowned and emerging illustrators alike. Perfect for framing, add a morphinominal touch to any room to turn it into your own personal Command Center with these large-format, high-quality posters.


Jonesy vol. 3 – Written by Sam Humphries, art by Caitlin Rose Boyle

Jonesy has moved in with her mom, away from her issues in Plymouth! But she can’t run forward…and before she knows it, her problems are gonna catch up! Collects issues #9-12.


Jane – Written by Aline Brosh McKenna, art by Ramon K. Perez

A powerful modern day reimagining of Charlotte Brontë’s classic novel Jane Eyre.

Jane learns that in the world of New York’s elite, secrets are the greatest extravagance and she must decide if she should trust the man she loves or do whatever it takes to protect his daughter from the consequences of his deception.


Big Trouble in Little China/Escape from New York – Written by Greg Pak, art by Daniel Bayliss

Prepare for the road trip of a lifetime! Jack Burton and Snake Plissken haul the Pork-Chop Express across the dystopian planes of America to stop their worlds from coming to an end in the John Carpenter-sanctioned crossover event that will shake the pillars of heaven and prove once and for all that Snake Plissken lives on.



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