Oct 16

ComixBrew Episode #228: Heavy Metal

ComixBrew Episode #228: Heavy Metal Recorded on 10-14-2017. It’s another super lame Monday, but I can give you a new episode of Comixbrew, and that has to help a little, right? The guys got a lot of exciting stuff to talk to you about this week. A few of the Doomsday Clock covers were released, Geoff Johns also gives us a walk through of the first couple of pages of Doomsday Clock. Netflix and Mark Millar have wrapped on a collaboration project, or at least half of it. There is a preview for a movie about the creator of Wonder Woman, and it looks surprisingly good, as well as a trailer for The New Mutants movie, and they are taking a very interesting turn with that story. Intro and outro courtesy of 2hundred6. A Lazy Knights Production.






A few Doomsday covers were revealed for your drooling pleasure.

See them here

And here!



Mark Millar and Netflix are working on a collab! Find out more here!


Constantine is returning to Legends of Tomorrow!





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