Oct 09

ComixBrew Episode #227: NYCC Arms Race

ComixBrew Episode #227: NYCC Arms Race. Recorded on 10-6-2017. NYCC just finished up and, just like every year, there was a TON of exciting stuff that came from the Con. So, ComixBrew is here to do it’s very best in covering at least all of the exciting and major announcements. There’s a couple new trailers out. One for “Happy” and one for “The Runaways” and the guys are fairly excited for both of them. Stan “the man” Lee has a few uplifting and powerful words in the wake of the tragedy that struck Las Vegas.  DC announced the return of Milestone comics, and Vertigo comics. DC is also looking to commemorate the 1000th issue of Action Comics. Marvel had a pretty big announcement as well, but it was not received nearly as well as they had hoped. They announced a partnership with Northrop Grumman to help promote STEM. However there was so much backlash from the comic community that Marvel actually went and cancelled the deal just 13 hours after the announcement. The guys wrap up the episode by trying to come up with some wonderful Marvel/DC branded military gear and weapons. Just to show you how ridiculous this Marvel team up would have been. Intro and outro courtesy of 2hundred6. A Lazy Knights production.









Stan Lee has a few words on how we can all be better


The return of Milestone comics!


Vertigo returns for it’s 25th anniversary!


Grant Morrison to co-write a new comic called Sideways. Find out more here!


Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy reunite to bring us Batman: Last Knight


Action Comics is about to celebrate it’s 1000th issue!!!!!


Todd McFarlane confirms R rated Spawn to start production in February


Marvel announces team up with Northrop Grumman

Marvel Cancels team up just 13 hours later after severe backlash

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