Nov 13

ComixBrew Episode #232: Bendis or Broken?

ComixBrew Episode #232: Bendis or Broken? Recorded on 11-11-2017. This week the guys have a friend in the studio. They all discuss the loss of Marvel shows on Netflix in the coming years. There was also a bunch of news flying around that Disney would be buying FOX. If these things are true FOX would only hold onto sports and news. Then the rest of the episode is pretty much spent on Bendis signing an exclusive deal with DC comics, and let me tell you  what, our trusty hosts have a few words to say about that. They also give their individual reviews of Coyote #1, After the Gold Rush #3, and Batman: Lost. A Lazy Knights Production.





Marvel shows will be leaving Netflix in the coming years


Disney in talks to buy large portion of FOX

Bendis signs deal with DC comics




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