Nov 22

ComixBrew Plays The 13th Age Part 10

ComixBrew Plays The 13th Age Part 10. Recorded on 11/11/2017. ComixBrew Plays drives right into the thick of things in this haunted forest outside of Concord. AND TRAGEDY HAS STRUCK! What will the party do now that they’ve lost one of their own? You’ll have to help them proceed. The gang needs your help! This time around we have the following cast: Chris as the Game Master. Josh as Baxter Notweiler the human Paladin. Tyler, as Bramble the half-orc Barbarian. Adam as Argon Shieldheart the human Cleric. And Garrett as Vic Tarsus the human Occultist. A Lazy Knights Production.



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ComixBrew Plays The 13th Age

ComixBrew Plays The 13th Age





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