Nov 15

ComixBrew Plays The 13th Age Part 9

ComixBrew Plays The 13th Age Part 9. Recorded on 11/11/2017. The journey continues! The crew of ComixBrew venture further into the Dragon Empire on a quest of the utmost importance to reality itself! What kind of trouble will the gang themselves in? Don’t forget to check out Chris and Josh interviewing the co-creators of The 13th Age, Jonathan Tweet and Rob Heinsoo. This time around we have the following cast: Chris as the Game Master. Josh as Baxter Notweiler the human Paladin. Tyler, as Bramble the half-orc Barbarian. Adam as Argon Shieldheart the human Cleric. And Garrett as Vic Tarsus the human Occultist. A Lazy Knights Production.


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ComixBrew Plays The 13th Age

ComixBrew Plays The 13th Age


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