Dec 13

ComixBrew Plays The 13th Age Part 11

ComixBrew Plays The 13th Age Part 11. Recorded on 12/10/2017. The adventure continues and is about to be made whole! After some riveting input from the different tabletop communities Tyler will be playing a __________________! Have to listen to find out! The adventure takes a new turn and you’ll have to tune in to see where the rest of the story will be going. This time around we have the following cast: Chris as the Game Master. Josh as Baxter Notweiler the human Paladin. Tyler, as _________________ the _____________ ______________. Adam as Argon Shieldheart the human Cleric. And Garrett as Vic Tarsus the human Occultist. A Lazy Knights Production.


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ComixBrew Plays The 13th Age

ComixBrew Plays The 13th Age


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