Dec 04

ComixBrew Episode #235: Get This Man a Shield

ComixBrew Episode #235: Get This Man a Shield. Recorded on 12-2-2017. Another week has passed, and with it, another wonderful episode of ComixBrew. This week the guys talk about probably the coolest “Cease and Desist” a company could get. There is some heavy discussion about Netflix and the future of streaming. The guys discuss the first look at the new Robin for the Titans series, but  get all hyped for the Infinity War Trailer. The episode ends with a discussion on where the next 20 MCU movies will lead us and what they may be. Somehow the guys also squeeze in their personal reviews of Morgans Organs #2, Becky and Veronica: Vixens, and Super Sons Annual #1. Intro and outro courtesy of2hundred6. A Lazy Knights Production.






AB-Inbev gives a craft brewery a Cease and Desist they wont soon forget

Sabrina the Teenaged Witch is growing up in her new Netflix series

The first look at the live action Robin!!!!



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