Dec 11

ComixBrew Episode #236 Deke-Lord is Coming to Town

ComixBrew Episode #236: Deke-Lord is Coming to Town. Recorded on 12-9-2017. Christmas is almost upon us, so here is the gift of a new episode of ComixBrew. This week we got a trailer for the next season of Jessica Jones on Netflix. As well as a trailer for an animated Spider-Man movie coming in 2018. It also seems like DIsney and Fox may actually be coming to an agreement on a sale of some of Fox’s assets. It seems like the upcoming Batman movie is having even more trouble now. Could Ben Afleck be out? And keep an eye out  for the Wolverine podcast. The guys also give their solo reviews of Klaus: Crisis in Xmasville, The DC Holiday Special, and Batman/TMNT II #1. Intro and outro courtesy of 2hundred6. A Lazy Knights Production.





Disney in talks with FOX

Wolverine podcast? Um….yes please

AB-Inbev takes it’s first step into the future of shipping


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