About us

ComixBrew Is dedicated to two of the best things on the planet. Comic books and craft brewing. But the story of how we started and how we got to where we are now is somewhat interesting, at least for us.

So one night, after a particularly grueling Pathfinder session, Chris says to Josh, “You wanna start a podcast?”

And Josh was all, “Dude we should totally start a podcast!”

Let’s not forget Adam (not the one in the picture below…..he doesn’t like being in ’em). An integral and often invisible member of the show. Executive producer, editor, and web manager….without Adam the whole damn thing would come crashing down.

So that’s what it became. Two dudes discussing what we love and hate about the nerdom that is the comic book industry and the artistic endeavor that is craft brewing. Cartoons, games, comic books, cosplay, conventions, movies, commercial craft brewing, independent craft brewing, homebrewing…..you get it.

Then one day, Chris got sick…or maybe he was trying to avoid some wife aggro…it’s not really clear. What was clear was that Josh couldn’t possibly do this podcast on his own. Enter Tyler: a fellow nerd and all around comic savvy character. He valiantly answered the call to serve and has been a member of the brew crew since.

A year later, Chris had himself a kid (weird right?). So once again we needed a host. Enter the “Other” Adam (the one in the picture below). He has much to learn but is still fun to have around.

These five warriors have set out to bring you something that no one else can. So check out the website, find us on the various social media pages, and be sure to leave us some comments and subscribe to the podcast.

Our website offers several awesome forms of entertainment and information. There’s the regular ComixBrew podcast posted every Monday morning. There’s our interview series The Point-5 Initiative. We’ve begun a read through series called ComixBrew Reads, and in 2015 we started a table top game series called ComixBrew Plays. There is also a weekly blog called Theories & Thought Bubbles. And be sure to watch our homepage for breaking news and so much more!

Above all else, we want to thank you for stopping by and Bottoms Up!

Welcome to ComixBrew™

About us

Left to Right: Josh, Tyler, Adam