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Dec 27

New Comic Releases for 12/28/16

Hello everyone, this is my last new comic release ever for Comixbrew.  I want to say thank you for reading this for the last 2+ years, it has been my pleasure to pass on what comics are hitting the shelves every week.  Don’t worry someone will be taking over the release schedule and they may …

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Dec 20

New Comic Releases for 12/21/16

Hey folks, I want to take this time to wish you a very special whatever it is you celebrate during this time of year.  I hope you get some cool stuff and you get to spend it with the people you love.   DARK HORSE COMICS OCT160023 ALIENS LIFE AND DEATH #4 (OF 4) $3.99 …

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Dec 13

New Comic Releases for 12/14/16

OHHHHHHH MAN! I bet there is something good coming out this week! Take a look! DARK HORSE COMICS AUG160088 BTVS SEASON 10 TP VOL 06 OWN IT $18.99 OCT160057 CHIMICHANGA SORROW OF WORLDS WORST FACE #3 (OF 4) $3.99 AUG160116 NEW LONE WOLF AND CUB TP VOL 11 (MR) $13.99 OCT160049 RESIDENT ALIEN #4 (OF …

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Dec 06

New Comic Releases for 12/7/16

Have you started your Chirstmas shopping yet!?  What did you get me?   DARK HORSE COMICS SEP160038 ALIENS DEFIANCE #7 $3.99 AUG160082 BALTIMORE HC VOL 07 EMPTY GRAVES $24.99 SEP160042 BOUNTY #5 (OF 10) $3.99 AUG160052 CONAN OMNIBUS TP VOL 01 BIRTH OF LEGEND $24.99 AUG160091 CREEPY ARCHIVES HC VOL 25 $49.99 AUG160128 GAME OF …

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Nov 29

New Comic Releases for 11/30/16

As we approach the holiday season remember that your local comic book shop is a great place to get gifts for the ones you love. DARK HORSE COMICS JUL160157 ART OF METAL GEAR SOLID V LTD ED HC $99.99 JUL160197 ASTRID TP VOL 01 CULT OF VOLCANIC MOON $19.99 SEP160082 CONAN THE SLAYER #5 $3.99 …

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Nov 22

New Comic Releases for 11/23/16

New Comics!? NEW COMICS!? that is right, new comics   DARK HORSE COMICS SEP160021 BTVS SEASON 11 #1 ISAACS VAR $3.99 SEP160020 BTVS SEASON 11 #1 MORRIS MAIN $3.99 SEP160027 DEPT H #8 $3.99 JUL160189 ECHOES TP $14.99 SEP160075 ELFQUEST FINAL QUEST #17 $3.99 JUL160199 GROO FRAY OF THE GODS #3 $3.99 SEP160099 HARROW COUNTY …

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Nov 15

New Comic Releases for 11/16/16

Here here folks, the election results got you down?   Well hopefully these new comics can bring some joy to your days. DARK HORSE COMICS SEP160040 ALIENS LIFE AND DEATH #3 (OF 4) $3.99 AUG160059 ART OF DISHONORED 2 HC $49.99 JUL160156 ART OF METAL GEAR SOLID V HC $39.99 SEP160044 BLACK HAMMER #5 LEMIRE …

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Nov 08

New Comic Releases for 11/9/16

Well we did it, we survived another election season and now we can focus on the real issues at hand, comics!   DARK HORSE COMICS JUL160195 ARCHIE ARCHIVES DOUBLE DATE AND OTHER STORIES TP (C: 0-1-2) $19.99 SEP160068 CHIMICHANGA SORROW OF WORLDS WORST FACE #2 (OF 4) $3.99 AUG160058 DRAGON AGE OMNIBUS TP VOL 01 …

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Nov 01

New Comic Releases for 11/2/16

Hey folks sorry the comics are late but here they are!   DARK HORSE COMICS JUL160160 ALEISTER & ADOLF HC (MR) $19.99 JUL160152 COMPLETE ELFQUEST TP VOL 03 (RES) $24.99 AUG160087 CRYPTOCRACY #5 $3.99 JUN160024 DAVE MCKEAN CAGES TP 2ND ED $29.99 JUL160185 KABUKI LIBRARY HC VOL 04 $39.99 JUL160203 MEGATOKYO OMNIBUS TP VOL 02 …

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Oct 25

New Comic Releases for 10/26/16

Don’t forget to make it to Renton City Comic Con this weekend!!!! DARK HORSE COMICS JUL160083 ALIENS DEFIANCE #6 $3.99 JUL160155 ART OF BATTLEFIELD 1 HC (C: 0-1-2) $49.99 JUN160065 AW YEAH COMICS ACTION CAT AND ADVENTURE BUG TP (C: 0-1-2) $12.99 AUG160017 BAIT HC OFF COLOR STORIES FOR YOU TO COLOR (C: 0-1-2) $19.99 …

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