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This is our beer blog. Here we cover everything from brews we liked to breweries we've visited to beerfests and brewfests. Enjoy the pictures and leave us your comments. We all enjoy tilting one back from time to time. Bottoms Up!

Nov 19

And Justice For All

We have been focusing on comics a whole lot recently, and rightly so. Comic books rule! But this being a site called ComixBrew, it should be known we have a healthy respect for craft beer as well. I can think back a year ago and remember the exact moment that we contacted our first brewer. …

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Sep 23

Fremont Oktoberfest

Fall is one of the best seasons to be a northwesterner. The weather gets nippier, the food gets hardier, and the beers flow like rivers through the craft brewing companies of Seattle. There are always numerous beer festivals and celebrations that take place during this autumnal period of the year. One such celebration is the …

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Sep 17

Pyramid Alehouse Excursion

We embarked for our journey designed to celebrate the anniversary of my birth during the early evening last Saturday. The mood throughout the group could be described as excitedly nervous. We were venturing to a place that we had never been before and our own high standards for food and brew meant our destination had …

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Sep 09

WA Breds & WA Brews

Summer is winding down but that isn’t all bad. The brewing and beerfest season is just coming into swing. One such festival or celebration took place on Sunday September 8th at Emerald Downs in Auburn, WA. What goes well with watching thoroughbreds haul ass around a track in the 80 degree heat? A sampling of …

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Sep 07

Bonfires Burning Bright

Company: Elysian Style: Pumpkin Ale Availability: Fall   Hi folks, it has been awhile.  I sit here gathering my thoughts on a curious ale I drank recently.  The genesis of this adventure begins with the simple thought of being an asshole to my pregnant wife.  She loves pumpkin beer, so this being the time where …

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Jul 17

Sometimes Smaller Can Be Better

You know why Budweiser, Coors, and Miller are all really bad beers? Because their brewing process has become so large and mechanized that the entire human nature of creating something to get another person fucked up has been taken out of their equations. I’m not kidding, all of those commercials that claim Coors Light is …

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Jul 16

Taking a Walk Through Firestone

For those of you that have been paying attention to our weekly episodes, you may have learned that I took some time off to clear my head. With a huge amount of hallucinogens packed up in a suitcase I headed for more southern climes. During said journey, I wandered into a well-known craft brewery among …

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Jun 23

I’ve Got a Six Pack

Company: Magic Hat Style: Pale Ale Availability: Year Round I have found my new party beer, and it breaks my heart it is an IPA.  I tried in the past to bring Black Butte Porter or even Irish Death to parties, but always ended up drinking most of them.  Everyone has their go to beer, …

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Jun 23

I Love Living in the City

This review will be different from the couple I have done. This review will be a review of various beers from the Naked City Brewing Company. Recently we went to the Puyallup River Alehouse for their local brewer’s spotlight (various Thursdays they have a different local brewery in to showcase beers and give prizes away) and …

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Jun 10

Back in Black (stop singing AC/DC in your head)

Company: 21st Amendment Style: Pale Ale Availability: Year Round I have a confession to make. I love dark beers, from porters to stouts, I will drink them all. Yet I know that I need to branch out and have recently started trying more pale ale style beers. Gone are the deep chocolate flavors and in …

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