Category: New Comic Releases

Mar 21

New Comic Releases For 3-22-2017

It’s time once again for new comics to come out. So check out the list here of everything that will be available tomorrow at your local comic shop. The list is always long so I’m sure you will find a few books to get lost in!   Dark Horse Comics ITEM CODE DESCRIPTION PRICE NOV160081 …

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Mar 07

New Comic Releases for 3-8-2017

Just like the sun rising every morning, you can count on new comics being released every Wednesday. With tomorrow being a Wednesday, that means new books should be on the shelves when your local shop opens it’s doors. Do you know what you want to pick up? Are you hoping for something new. Well look …

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Feb 28

New Comic Releases for 3-1-2017

Just like every week before and every week that will be. New comics come out tomorrow, and here is everything you will find on the shelves at your local shop!!!!   Dark Horse Comics ITEM CODE DESCRIPTION PRICE JAN170105 BALTIMORE THE RED KINGDOM #2 $3.99 DEC160103 CALL OF DUTY ZOMBIES #3 $3.99 SEP160078 KINGSWAY WEST …

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Feb 07

New Comic Realeses for 2-8-2017

Another week means another pile of comics that you will need to go pick up. So, just in case you missed anything, here is everything that’s coming out this week. Hope it helps.   Dark Horse Comics ITEM CODE DESCRIPTION PRICE OCT160028 DRAGON AGE ADULT COLORING BOOK SC $14.99 DEC160079 EMPOWERED SOLDIER OF LOVE #1 …

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Jan 31

New Comic Releases for 2-1-2017

Here is the list of new comics for the first week of February. Take a gander, something might tickle your fancy.   Dark Horse Comics ITEM CODE DESCRIPTION PRICE DEC160048 BALTIMORE THE RED KINGDOM #1 $3.99 OCT160073 EERIE ARCHIVES HC VOL 23 $49.99 OCT160035 HE-MAN & MASTERS OF UNIVERSE NEWSPAPER COMIC STRIPS HC $29.99 OCT160038 …

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Jan 24

New Comic Releases for 1-25-2017

YAY! New comics come out tomorrow! Do you know what  your going to be picking up yet? No? Well take a look at the release list and see if anything catches your eye.   Dark Horse Comics ITEM CODE DESCRIPTION PRICE NOV160086 ALIENS DEFIANCE #9 $3.99 SEP160039 ALIENS DEFIANCE TP VOL 01 $19.99 NOV160087 ALIENS …

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Jan 17

New Comic Releases for 1-18-2017

Here is your list of every new comic that’s coming out this week. So if you are unsure what you want to pick up, then take a look at this so you can decide before heading into your comic shop. Or be like us, and go into your shop and just get everything that looks …

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Jan 10

New Comic Releases for 1-11-17

New comics come out tomorrow. So why not take a gander at what is getting released tomorrow. I guarantee there is something in this list that you need to be reading. So take a look and then mosey on down to your local comic shop and grab your books for this werek!   Dark Horse …

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Jan 03

New Comic Releases for 1/4/2017

Welcome to the new year! Bet you’re wanting a list of new comics arriving on your local comic shop shelves this Wednesday….so let’s get to it!   3D TOTAL PUBLISHING Masters Of Sketching SC, $35.99 ALTERNATIVE COMICS King-Cat Comix And Stories #76, $5.00 AMERICAN GOTHIC PRESS Thin TP, $14.99 ANTARCTIC PRESS Steam Wars Bounty Hunters …

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Dec 27

New Comic Releases for 12/28/16

Hello everyone, this is my last new comic release ever for Comixbrew.  I want to say thank you for reading this for the last 2+ years, it has been my pleasure to pass on what comics are hitting the shelves every week.  Don’t worry someone will be taking over the release schedule and they may …

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