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Aug 14

ComixBrew Episode #219: Frickin Guardians of the Galaxy

ComixBrew Episode #219: Frickin Guardians of the Galaxy. Recorded on 8/12/2017. ComixBrew is back with more comics and craft brews just for you! No Tyler this week but that’s just fine. Adam and Josh cover the news, review Secret Empire #8, Mister Miracle #1, and Edge of the Venomverse #4. Then strap yourself in for …

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Aug 07

ComixBrew Episode #218: A Questionable Meal.

ComixBrew Episode #218: A Questionable meal. Recorded on 8-5-2017. ComixBrew is back with another wonderful episode for your listening pleasure. Our lovely hosts discuss all kinds of fun stuff this week. From quality beer to quality comics, ComixBrew has it all. Including such wonderful news stories as, Dwayne Mcduffie’s estate is suing Milestone Media, as …

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Jul 31

ComixBrew Episode #217: Travis Loves ComixBrew

ComixBrew Episode #217: Travis Loves ComixBrew Recorded on 7/29/2017. ComixBrew is back with a new free form episode and is lacking one entire Tyler. But never fear! A ready and able Travis Bundy is both ready and able to join the catastrophe of a free form ComixBrew episode. Let’s see what happens this week! Also, …

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Jul 24

ComixBrew Episode #216: SDCC 2017

Comixbrew Episode #216: SDCC 2017. Recorded on 7-21-2017. Holy Guacamole Batman! It’s San Diego Comic Con this weekend!!!!! So of course, the guys dedicate an entire episode to this holiest of events. The entire show is filled with announcements from SDCC, and this only covers the first half of the CON. There is a very …

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Jul 17

ComixBrew Episode #215: F.M.K.

ComixBrew Episode #215: F.M.K. Recorded on 7-15-2017 It’s time for another episode of ComixBrew. This week the guys get back to the show proper. So they have news, reviews, and some tasty brews. Tyler is super hyped for the new stuff coming from the world of Hellboy, and a new Netflix series in the works …

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Jul 10

ComixBrew Episode #214: Georgetown Throwdown

ComixBrew Episode #214: Georgetown Throwdown. Recorded on 7/8/2017. Well, it’s a bit of an abnormal episode this week. And by abnormal, I obviously mean it’s nothing like the regular episodes. Lisa and Mark from Georgetown Brewing stop by, and the guys throw out the normal show to hang out with them. So, there is no …

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Jul 03

ComixBrew Episode #213: Serial Killin League of America

ComixBrew Episode #213: Serial Killin League of America. Recorded on 7/1/2017. It’s time for another episode of every ones favorite podcast! This week the guys discuss the greatness that is Jack Kirby. ECCC has to pay out some back wages to about 250 workers. With each worker getting about 1500 bucks. The guys also get …

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Jun 26

ComixBrew Episode #212: Up and Adam

ComixBrew Episode #212: Up and Adam. Recorded on 6/24/2017. ComixBrew returns and is missing one whole Adam, but never fear, there are always more Adams. So Josh, Tyler, and Adam bring you the newest episode of free form ComixBrew. They discuss all manner of things, from what they’re listening to, to Dracula, to the industry …

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Jun 19

ComixBrew Episode #211: For The Dads!

ComixBrew Episode #211: For The Dads! Recorded on 6/17/2017. It’s that time of the week again. Yes, that’s right! It’s time for more ComixBrew. This week is chalked FULL of news. So much that I can’t even list it all here. There’s even news that we (most likely) were the first to report on. Holy …

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Jun 12

ComixBrew Episode #210: A Spotlight on Adam West

ComixBrew Episode #210: A Spotlight on Adam West. Recorded on 6/10/2017.   It’s a dark day in Gotham folks. This week famed Batman ’66 star Adam West passed away. The guys are obviously pretty upset about it. So they decided to dedicate the entire 3rd segment to a great man and an even better Batman. …

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