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Jun 19

ComixBrew Episode #211: For The Dads!

ComixBrew Episode #211: For The Dads! Recorded on 6/17/2017. It’s that time of the week again. Yes, that’s right! It’s time for more ComixBrew. This week is chalked FULL of news. So much that I can’t even list it all here. There’s even news that we (most likely) were the first to report on. Holy …

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Jun 12

ComixBrew Episode #210: A Spotlight on Adam West

ComixBrew Episode #210: A Spotlight on Adam West. Recorded on 6/10/2017.   It’s a dark day in Gotham folks. This week famed Batman ’66 star Adam West passed away. The guys are obviously pretty upset about it. So they decided to dedicate the entire 3rd segment to a great man and an even better Batman. …

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Jun 05

ComixBrew Episode #209: Not my Cap Gerblin

ComixBrew Episode #209: Not My Cap Gerblin. Recorded on 6-3-2017. The studio has been rebuilt, and Josh has been risen from the grave. So it’s back to business as usual. This week the guys discuss the new Venom event coming from Marvel comics, and at least one host is on board for the event. The …

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May 29

ComixBrew Episode #208: We Forgot Our Birthday

ComixBrew Episode #208: We Forgot Our Birthday. Recorded on 5-27-2017 Another Episode of ComixBrew is here for your listening pleasure. Although this week is a little different. We have no Josh. He is off on vacation, or Adam killed him, or something….. all we know is he isn’t here. So Adam and Tyler call on …

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May 22

ComixBrew Episode #207: A Georgetown BBQ

ComixBrew Episode #207: A Georgetown BBQ. Recorded on 5-20-2017. It’s a special episode this week. Not only are we lucky enough to have a couple friends from Georgetown Brewing stop by, but Chris from ComixBrew’s past shows back up as well. The folks from Georgetown brewing were nice enough to bring us a few different …

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May 15

ComixBrew Episode #206: For All the Super Moms

ComixBrew Episode #206: For All the Super Moms. Recorded on 5/12/2017. It’s a very special episode of ComixBrew this week. This week we celebrate moms everywhere with a Mother’s Day themed episode. Before the news we get a very amusing story from Josh, which comes back into play at the end of the episode. As …

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May 08

ComixBrew Episode #205: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

ComixBrew Episode #205: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Recorded on 5/6/2017. That’s right, it’s time for another episode of ComixBrew!!! Come join Josh, Tyler, and a very sleepy Adam as they discuss all kinds of neat things. Neat things like the Eisner award nominations, and there is a lot of quality nominated this year. …

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May 01

ComixBrew Episode #204: Freeform Foibles

ComixBrew Episode #204: Freeform Foibles. Recorded on 4/28/2017. ComixBrew returns to bring you the latest and greatest in the ways of comic books, craft brews, and inane humor! Join Tyler, Adam, and Josh as they discuss a wide range of topics during this week’s free form episode. That includes things like The Flash #21 and …

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Apr 24

ComixBrew Episode #203: Exit Thru the Comix Shop

ComixBrew Episode #203: Exit Thru the Comix Shop. Recorded on 4/22/2017. ComixBrew is here and full of life for your Monday morning madness. Join Adam, Tyler, and a very hoarse Josh as they talk all about the greatest in comic books and craft brews. C2E2 is over and done with and there are a couple …

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Apr 17

ComixBrew Episode #202: Controversy Aboard The USS ComixBrew

ComixBrew Episode #202: Controversy Aboard The USS ComixBrew. Recorded on 4-15-2017. ComixBrew is back to get your week started!!!! The controversy continues with one of Marvel’s, now former, artists. It’s not looking good for this guy in the ways of continuing in western comics. There is also a couple of large casting announcements this week. …

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