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This series of blogs concerns comic books that released after launched. Tyler, Chris, and Josh give their opinions and breakdowns of certain comics from their individual pullboxes. Leave me a comment or link the stories to you various social media sites. The guys will try their best not to spoil the comics they cover. See ya between the panels!

Jul 14


What happens when we die? It’s an old question, one that only the dead have been able to answer so far. There are people who have had near-death experiences and been resuscitated after their heart has stopped, but even those accounts vary. What do you think happens after death? I’m fairly certain we just go …

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Jun 28

Batman/Elmer Fudd

I’m Hunting Pwayboys….SHHHHHHHHH Show of hands, how many here watched Looney Tunes growing up? Really? That many? I can’t actually count who raised their hands and who didn’t because this is sort of a one-way conversation. Ain’t I a stinker…? All kidding aside, Looney Tunes was a staple cartoon for generations of audiences worldwide, so …

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Jun 27

Nightmare Patrol #2

Suicidal Monster Squad #2! Guess what? Monsters are still fascinating? Don’t believe me? Check out the last review we did for Nightmare Patrol. How do I know that they’re still fascinating? Because the second issue of Nightmare Patrol keeps me enthralled with the characters, the setting, and the plot. I have to know what …

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Apr 21

Nightmare Patrol #1

Monsters are fascinating. Don’t believe me? Look at your bookshelves, your digital movie library, or your Netflix queue. How many stories in there are based on Monsters? Trust me, humanity has a fascination with the supernatural and that fascination manifests itself in our arts and our culture. So much so that it has spread into …

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Apr 13

Black Panther and The Crew

Recent weeks have seen a little bit of controversy and scandal in the halls of Marvel. From the problems with X-Men Gold #1 courtesy of Adrian Syaf or the qualms with sales vs. diversity, it’s not been a good news cycle for the folks at Marvel. But there are still quality comics coming from the …

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Nov 18

DC Comics Trinity

The Trinity is the very foundation of the DC Comics Pantheon. Without the strength of Wonder Woman, the dependability of Superman, and the genius of Batman there would be no Justice League, there would be no Robin, Wonder Girl, or Superboy. And of course there would be no Lex Luthor, no Joker, and no Cheetah. …

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Nov 12

After the Gold Rush #2

Science leads the way in our society. It’s true! And whether you like it or not, scientists are predominantly atheists and skeptics. “The fight in this world is not against Islam, it is against religion,” said Jim Jefferies. And to a larger extent we can claim that our fight for the future is against ignorance. …

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Aug 22

Morgan’s Organs #1

Earlier this year we had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Daniel Brodie, creator and writer of a comic called Morgan’s Organs. The best way to quickly describe Morgan’s Organs is to liken it to the Disney movie Inside Out. Well, Inside Out for adults. The last time we spoke with Daniel he …

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Aug 06

Black Lines Comics, Dodgy Pills

Black Lines Comics, Dodgy Pills

Addiction is ever present, anyone is susceptible to it and it’s highly likely that you’re addicted to something even without fully realizing it. This addiction could be something as seemingly innocuous as working out or as debilitating as methamphetamine. Alcohol, cigarettes, sex, gaming, comic books, the list goes on and on and in today’s society …

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May 20

Future Quest #1

A hallmark of growing up in the United States, regardless of socioeconomic elements, is that we had cartoons. Cartoons that spanned decades thanks to syndication. Those syndicated cartoons were often the cartoons we HAD to watch while we were waiting to get to the cartoons we wanted to watch. Don’t get me wrong, there were …

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