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Feb 02

This is…a Wheat Ale

When it comes to Wheat Ales, this is a style that I have very little experience with. Although Hefeweizens are a major part of this brew style, it is not nearly as prominent in my repertoire of brews I enjoy. Wheat Ales are defined as a brew style that is brewed with either malted or …

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Jan 26

This is…a Blonde, a Kolsch, and an ESB

In the world of beer and craft brew it can be hard to convert some of the more stubborn corporate beer drinkers. But never fret, there are brews out there that emulate the watery lagers of the corporate world that you can easily give to an unbeliever and they may find themselves pleasantly surprised. Blondes …

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Jan 17

This is…a Brown Ale

In the world of craft brews it’s often common to say that all brews are essentially “brown ales” however, when it comes to this particular category of brew styles, Brown Ales are a beast all their own. The reason that this style stands apart is that their brewing process tends to lend itself to something …

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Jan 07

This is….a Stout

After reviewing the inception and creation of the first Porters ever, it only seemed fitting that Stouts would be next on the list. As is probably the most common occurrence most people tend to equate Guinness as the one and only Stout. And rightly so. However, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Stouts were …

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Dec 29

This is…a Porter

One can’t really speak about being a fan of craft brews without addressing the traditional Porter. Now, usually I shy away from these darker brews mainly because they are filling and usually make me want to stop drinking as opposed to continuing to drink. The darkness of the brew is also a bit off-putting for …

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Dec 20

This is…a Red Ale and This is…an Amber Ale

Until today I didn’t know that American Red Ales and Amber Ales are almost the same thing. In case you were unaware the two beers that started me on this venture into the world of craft brews were the Elysian Men’s Room Red and the Alaskan Amber. However, my favorite Amber to have when I’m …

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Dec 13

This is…an IPA

This is by far my favorite style of brew, which is of course why I’m starting with it. I cut my teeth on Elysian’s Immortal IPA, but others that I’ve enjoyed include Pyramid’s Outburst IPA, Ninkasi’s Total Domination IPA, and also the occasional Stone IPA. Some tasters will say that IPAs leave a burnt hop …

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