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May 16

ComixBrew Episode #154: Make Murica Great Again

ComixBrew Episode #154: Make Murica Great Again. Recorded on 5/13/2016. ComixBrew is here to defend the freedom and rights of the people! Join the patriotic team of Chris, Tyler, Josh, and Adam as they uphold the nation’s welfare all on their own. This week Tyler tells you about Budweiser making themselves the official beer of …

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Feb 01

ComixBrew Episode #139: Cancellation Station

Episode #139: Cancellation Station. Recorded on 01/29/2016. Chris, Adam, Tyler, and Josh return to bring you the latest and not the not greatest in comic books and craft brews. This week, amidst Skype being douchey to Chris, Tyler talks about DC bringing Hanna-Barbera properties to comics, Deadpool’s PSA about testicular cancer, and a bunch of …

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Dec 07

ComixBrew Episode #131: Spoilers, Adam Died

ComixBrew Episode #131: Spoilers, Adam Died. Recorded on 12/4/2015. That’s correct folks, it’s a somewhat sad day for ComixBrew, because spoilers….Adam died. But Tyler and Josh soldier on through the tragedy. There’s some other news! Did you happen to catch the new trailer for Batman v Superman? No? No problem, Josh and Tyler did and …

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Nov 09

ComixBrew Episode #127: Brewed to Cringe

Episode #127: Brewed to Cringe. Recorded on 11/7/2015. Josh, Tyler, and Adam have returned to give you the best of comic books and craft brews. After some nifty house keeping business, Tyler takes you through the week’s news. There’s some Rob Liefeld devolpments, Marvel asks retailers to destroy copies of their new comics, and a …

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Jun 29

ComixBrew Episode #108: Tyler’s Butt and Stuff

Episode #108: Tyler’s Butt and Stuff. Recorded on 6/26/2015. The boys with the comics and the brews are back with…..well, comics and brews. This week the dudes discuss a very special Root Beer, Marvel’s new big screen Spider-Man, as well as some new creators on a pair of Marvel comics, there’s also talk of a …

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May 11

ComixBrew Episode #101: Return to Normalcy

Episode #101: Return to Normalcy. Recorded on 5/10/2015. Tyler, Adam, and Josh bring you the latest in craft beer and comic books. This week Tyler runs through a list of movie and television news concerning some of the most popular comic characters on the market, discusses a problematic email from Sony CEO, and shows you …

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Sep 23

It’s TV Time!

Last night we saw the premiere of GOTHAM on Fox, and suffice to say I got a wild idea. How’s about I list when and where all of the TV shows are going to air (if only for my own edification!) So here goes! (and lets do the DC titles first)   GOTHAM: Mondays on …

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Jul 28

ComixBrew Episode #60: SDCC, A Whale’s Vagina

Episode #60: SDCC, A Whale’s Vagina. Recorded on 7/26/2014. The entire cast of ComixBrew is prepped and ready to deliver all of the news and brews fit to listen to, and this week is no exception. San Diego Comic Con was last week and the boys are brimming with excitement about all kinds of nerd-tastic …

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Jul 21

ComixBrew Episode #59: Something Something Thor

Episode #59: Something Something Thor. Recorded on 7/19/2014. Tyler and Josh are left without a Chris once again! And as such they asked Adam from BadFlix to come fill in for the evening. Amongst other things, the guys discuss Godzilla (2014), Ant-Man, Guardians of The Galaxy, and the impending Avengers NOW coming from Marvel. The …

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Jun 09

ComixBrew Episode #53: The Zero Issue

Episode #53: The Zero Issue. Recorded on 6/7/2014 and Dedicated to the memory of David Albert Haley. Sponsored by Stephan Schuler. Chris is away on a family emergency and thus The Fanboys prevail over the studio once more! Tyler and Josh are your hosts for this week’s mayhem. They talk some Ant-Man news, Dr. Strange …

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