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Sep 18

Coming From BOOM! Studios 9.20.2017

Another week and another set of comics Coming From BOOM! Studios 9.20.2017. There’s plenty to get through here, including previews of covers, interior artwork, and synopses. Let’s see what’s hitting the shelves of your local comic shop.       Adventure Time Comics #15 – Written and drawn by Anoosha Syed, Marie Enger, Ben Passmore, …

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Sep 12

Rejoice at the Return of KLAUS

Rejoice at the Return of Klaus

We’ve made no secret that we have seriously enjoyed Klaus by Grant Morrison and Dan Mora from BOOM! Studios. Today, at the behest of everything cool and amazing, BOOM! Studios announced an all new comic featuring the hero of Christmas. Klaus is coming back in a single issue this December, it will be called: Klaus …

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Sep 11

Coming From BOOM! Studios 9.13.2017

ComixBrew returns to give you previews of what’s Coming From BOOM! Studios 9.13.2017. You’ll find interior artwork, covers, and synopses for the comics hitting the shelves of your Local Comic Shop this Wednesday! Let’s take a look, shall we?     Adventure Time/Regular Show #2 (of 6) – Written by Conor McCreery, art by Mattia …

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Jul 31

Coming From BOOM! Studios 8.2.2017

AUGUST is nearly upon us. I want to congratulate each and every one of you for surviving a Trump presidency so long. And that goes for everyone around the world. America is a powerful….I guess we could call it “problem” at the moment….but let’s take our minds off that. Let’s talk comics. Let’s talk previews, …

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Jul 24

Coming From BOOM! Studios 7.26.2017

SDCC 2017 is behind us and what a freaking crazy train that was! Between all the new comics announced, the crazy amount of trailers, and all the different panels, we have to return to normalcy. That being said, let’s get into some previews. Here’s what’s Coming From BOOM! Studios 7.26.2017. What you’ll find here is …

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Jul 17

Coming From BOOM! Studios 7.19.2017

San Diego Comic Con is just a couple days away! While you’re waiting in line, milling about patiently to enter Hall H or see your favorite cast member from your favorite 90s-2000s sci-fi show, why don’t you have a gander at what’s Coming From BOOM! Studios 7.19.2017. What you’ll find here are previews of covers, …

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Jun 26

Coming From BOOM! Studios 6.28.2017

Time to check out what is Coming From BOOM! Studios 6.28.2017. You’ll find previews of interior artwork, covers, and synopses for each of the things BOOM! is putting on the shelves this coming Wednesday. Let’s get to it.       Lumberjanes #39 – Written by Shannon Watters & Kate Leyh. Art by Ayme Sotuyo …

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Jun 19

Coming From BOOM! Studios 6.21.2017

      Another week of previews Coming From BOOM! Studios on 6.21.2017. Get ready for preview pages, cover art, and issue synopses. Let’s get down to business.     Adventure Time Comics #12 – Written by Nicole Andelfinger. Diigii Daguna, and Joey Mccormick. Art by Diigii Daguna, Joey Mccormick, Irene Flores. Jake helps his …

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Jun 19

ComixBrew Episode #211: For The Dads!

ComixBrew Episode #211: For The Dads! Recorded on 6/17/2017. It’s that time of the week again. Yes, that’s right! It’s time for more ComixBrew. This week is chalked FULL of news. So much that I can’t even list it all here. There’s even news that we (most likely) were the first to report on. Holy …

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Jun 15

20th Century Fox Invests in BOOM! Studios

ComixBrew Episode #152: A Brew for You

In a press release earlier today, BOOM! Studios announced that the film company 20th Century Fox has made a “strategic investment in the comic book company.” What does this mean? Well, it means that BOOM! Studios original content will now most likely be considered Research and Development for 20th Century Fox. It also means we …

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