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Jan 29

ComixBrew Episode #243: State of the Podcast

ComixBrew Episode #243: State of the Podcast. Recorded on 1-27-2018. ComixBrew this week is another free form episode. Now, normally these episodes tend to go a little of topic. ComixBrew gets political in this weeks episode. But never fear, there are still plenty of goofs and some comic book discussion. There’s even a closer look …

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Jan 25

ComixBrew Episode #138: Die Hard Comics

Episode #138: Die Hard Comics. Recorded on 1/23/2016. Adam, Josh, Chris, and Tyler walk you through the weeks news, brews, and comic book reviews! After an epic lightsaber battle between Adam and Tyler, the guys discuss some Jessica Jones news, share their thoughts on the upcoming Justice League vs Teen Titans animated film, the Suicide …

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Jan 22

Captain Marvel #1

Captain Marvel #1

Carol Danvers has had many names and titles over the course of her time in the Marvel Universe. But the name that I know her best as is Captain Marvel – and regardless of my qualms with that name and whether it belongs to Billy Batson or not – Carol Danvers has always been one …

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Sep 14

ComixBrew Episode #119: Because Jesus Was Hungry

Episode #119: Because Jesus Was Hungry. Recorded on 9/12/2015. Josh, Tyler, and Adam return to bring you the very best and brightest in comic books and craft brew. We want you to know about the event going down at 99 Bottles on Sept. 19th at 6 p.m. Pacific Time. Also there is news this week. …

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Jun 29

ComixBrew Episode #108: Tyler’s Butt and Stuff

Episode #108: Tyler’s Butt and Stuff. Recorded on 6/26/2015. The boys with the comics and the brews are back with…..well, comics and brews. This week the dudes discuss a very special Root Beer, Marvel’s new big screen Spider-Man, as well as some new creators on a pair of Marvel comics, there’s also talk of a …

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Mar 16

A Captain Worth Marveling

Carol Danvers has had a sordid past. She’s been an Avenger, then she was a Mighty Avenger, then back to being just a regular Avenger. She once carried the same powers as Moonstone, and even carried that title at one point. But in recent years – and in keeping with the trends of applying strong …

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Oct 15

New York Comic Con New Series Roundup!

New York Comic Con has come and gone! From Thursday October 10th to Sunday October 13th, the comic book world was flooded with news, teases, revelations, suprises, and announcements. Want to know what to look forward to from the big publishers in 2014?

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Sep 27

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

Lex Luthor is a narcissistic psychopath, a real crazy person with an unlimited budget. So what’s a billionaire philanthropist with a serious anti-hero perspective to do when he’s elected to the highest office in the land? Make Superman public enemy number one. No brainer right? Setting aside that the people of the United States elected …

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