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Oct 23

ComixBrew Episode #229: The Real 20 Questions

ComixBrew Episode #229: The Real 20 Questions. Recorded on 10/21/2017. ComixBrew returns! There are two dudes this week and they talk about Black Panther, Punisher, and that it’s time to Take Craft Back!!! The comics this week are The Realm #1 and Batman The Drowned #1. Ever play 20 questions? Josh and Tyler do, and …

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Jan 17

New Comic Releases for 1-18-2017

Here is your list of every new comic that’s coming out this week. So if you are unsure what you want to pick up, then take a look at this so you can decide before heading into your comic shop. Or be like us, and go into your shop and just get everything that looks …

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Nov 14

ComixBrew Episode #180: MAKE COMICS GREAT AGAIN

ComixBrew Episode #180: MAKE COMICS GREAT AGAIN. Recorded on 11/12/2016. ComixBrew returns for more Comics and Craft Brews for you! This week Tyler, Adam, and Josh are bringing you the latest news, and it’s so good, trust us, it’s great. Young Justice was given the green light for Season 3! Marvel is releasing a weekly …

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Oct 31

Coming From BOOM! Studios 11.2.2016

What is up internet?!? We are back for another week of excellent previews for your viewing pleasure. ComixBrew is bringing you what’s Coming From BOOM! Studios 11.2.2016! What you’ll find here is cover art, interior art, and synopses of what you can find at your Local Comic Shop! Let’s get it on!       …

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Oct 24

ComixBrew Episode #177: Running Mates

ComixBrew Episode #177: Running Mates. Recorded on 10/22/2016. It’s time for another round of ComixBrew! This week join Adam, Tyler, Chris, Tai, and Josh as they discuss the latest news in the comic book and craft brew worlds! The dudes mourn the loss of Steve Dillon, talk about some new developments in the brewing world, …

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Oct 10

ComixBrew Episode #175: NYCC vs. Luke Cage

ComixBrew Episode #175: NYCC vs. Luke Cage. Recorded on 10/7/2016. ComixBrew is battling the brews, news, and comic books just for you! Join Chris, Adam, Josh, and Tyler as they roll through the greatest things of the week. There’s a ton of New York City Comicon news! News about Logan, Punisher and Iron Fist have …

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Sep 26

ComixBrew Episode #173: Spotlight on Rick Remender

ComixBrew Episode #173: Spotlight on Rick Remender. Recorded on 9/23/2016. ComixBrew is back in action! Join Chris, Adam, and Josh as they discuss the latest and greetest of comics for the week! And oh boy! Comic books sold more in August than they have since 1998, we get the real story behind Tim Seeley leaving …

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Aug 29

ComixBrew Episode #169: DC MadLibs

ComixBrew Episode #169: DC MadLibs. Recorded on 8/27/2016. ComixBrew returns to bring you the latest and greatest in the comic books and craft brewing worlds. Join Chris, Tai, Tyler, Adam, and Josh as they discuss the new Legend of Zelda book from Dark Horse, a couple comics have won HUGO Awards, DEVO is scoring Thor …

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May 30

Coming From BOOM! Studios 6.1.2016

Welcome to the last Monday in May!! Can you believe how fast 2016 is going?!? Well, ComixBrew has the latest previews Coming From BOOM! Studios for 6.1.2016. There’s a couple Original Graphic Novels and a new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers miniseries. Here you’ll find covers, previews of interior artwork, and synopses. Be sure to visit …

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May 11

ComixBrew Episode #153.5: Mike Kingston, Headlocked

ComixBrew Episode #153.5: Mike Kingston, Headlocked

ComixBrew Episode #153.5: Mike Kingston, Headlocked. Recorded on 5/8/2016. The Point-5 Initiative returns! This week Chris and Josh sit down with Mike Kingston, creator and writer of Headlocked – a comic book about the life of an up and coming professional wrestler. With cover art by WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler, and …

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