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Feb 05

ComixBrew Episode #244: SOTU with Friends

ComixBrew Episode #244: SOTU with Friends. Recorded on 2/3/2018. ComixBrew returns with the latest and greatest in the worlds of comic books and craft brews. This time around the hosts discuss some of the news surrounding Stan Lee, Coors Light, and Ant Man and The Wasp! There’s reviews also! The Silencer #1, Hellboy vol. 3, …

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Jan 29

ComixBrew Episode #243: State of the Podcast

ComixBrew Episode #243: State of the Podcast. Recorded on 1-27-2018. ComixBrew this week is another free form episode. Now, normally these episodes tend to go a little of topic. ComixBrew gets political in this weeks episode. But never fear, there are still plenty of goofs and some comic book discussion. There’s even a closer look …

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Jan 22

ComixBrew Episode #242: I’m More Venom Than You

ComixBrew Episode #242: I’m More Venom Than You. Recorded on 1/19/2018. ComixBrew returns and is Adamless, but Tyler and Josh soldier on! There’s plenty of news to dive through this week and the guys review Powers vol. 1 and James Bond the Body #1. The show concludes with some deep digging into Venom’s past. Intro …

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Jan 15

ComixBrew Episode #241: Roll Initiative

ComixBrew Episode #241: Roll Initiative. Recorded on 1/13/2018. ComixBrew is back with a brand new episode full of old reviews! Tyler leads the gang through news, Adam and Josh bring reviews of Hellboy vol. 1 and Invincible vol. 1, while Tyler gives you a fresh look at Backways #1. The third segment is all about …

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Nov 27

ComixBrew Episode #234: Tyler Says Vote Necro

ComixBrew Episode #234: Tyler Says Vote Necro. Recorded on 11-26-2017. As the guys are waking up from a turkey coma, they decided to take it easy this week and give you a free form episode. They do discuss the first half of Netflix’s Punisher, and Weapon H and even manage to do a group review …

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Nov 13

ComixBrew Episode #232: Bendis or Broken?

ComixBrew Episode #232: Bendis or Broken? Recorded on 11-11-2017. This week the guys have a friend in the studio. They all discuss the loss of Marvel shows on Netflix in the coming years. There was also a bunch of news flying around that Disney would be buying FOX. If these things are true FOX would …

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Nov 06

ComixBrew Episode #231: Ragnarok And Roll

ComixBrew Episode #231: Ragnarok And Roll. Recorded on 11-4-2017. It’s Thor heavy episode this week because 2/3 of the hosts are hyped AF after seeing Ragnarok. But it’s not all about Thor, there’s plenty of news as well. Neal Adams is about to receive an award from the US Chamber of Compress. Mark Strong is …

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Oct 30

ComixBrew Episode #230: Tooth Hurty

ComixBrew Episode #230: Tooth Hurty. Recorded on 10/28/2017. It’s Halloween time here at ComixBrew and the guys are ready to give you a treat. A treat in the form of a free form episode. It’s an episode full of hype, some conspiracies, and tons of goofs. Enjoy. Intro and outro courtesy of 2hundred6. A Lazy …

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Oct 18

ComixBrew Plays The 13th Age Part 8

ComixBrew Plays The 13th Age

ComixBrew Plays The 13th Age Part 8. Recorded on 10/7/2017. ComixBrew Plays has made it to the city of spires known as Concord! What interesting and new things will they see in this new city? More importantly…what’s happening in that graveyard outside of town? You’ll have to tune in and figure it out along with …

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Oct 16

ComixBrew Episode #228: Heavy Metal

ComixBrew Episode #228: Heavy Metal Recorded on 10-14-2017. It’s another super lame Monday, but I can give you a new episode of Comixbrew, and that has to help a little, right? The guys got a lot of exciting stuff to talk to you about this week. A few of the Doomsday Clock covers were released, …

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