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Sep 18

ComixBrew Episode #224: 25 Years of B:TAS

ComixBrew Episode #224: 25 years of B:TAS. Recorded on 9-16-2017. It’s Monday again, and like always, we are here to help make the day a little more enjoyable. It’s a chunky episode this week. Filled with news about Batman and TMNT. Along with the comic world loosing another godfather, Len Wein, you may not realize …

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Apr 10

ComixBrew Episode #149.4: ECCC 2016 Day 3

ComixBrew Episode #149.4: ECCC 2016 Day 3. Recorded on 4/9/2016. Emerald City Comicon Day 3 has been slain. Join Adam, Adam, Special Super Epic guest Meescha, Chris, and Josh as they recount the greatest parts of ECCC 2016. Meescha fully resists crying for Cameron Stewart, Chris and Josh successfully interview Joshua Williamson, and Adam hooks …

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Apr 09

ECCC 2016 Day 2 Photo Gallery

ECCC 2016 Day 1 Photo Gallery

The second day of Emerald City Comicon is in the bag! Just like last time, here are all the photos that the ComixBrew team took while they were on site! See yourself in one of these photos? Give us a like and follow!       ECCC 2016 Day 1 Photo Gallery    

Apr 07

ECCC 2016 Day 1 Photo Gallery

ECCC 2016 Day 1 Photo Gallery

Day 1 of ECCC 2016 is all done! Here are all the photos the guys took while they were toolin around the convention center. Hope you Like em! Also, if you got a ComixBrew card be sure to give us a like and a follow?!?   contact us!  

Mar 30

Emerald City 2015

There are several reason Emerald City Comicon is perhaps my favorite comic book convention. I have the chance to run into friends I haven’t seen in awhile, and get to speak with comic shop owners who we’ve met through the podcast and out in our adventures through Western Washington. I get the opportunity to speak …

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Jan 08

ComixBrew Episode #31.5: Comic Book Characters For Causes

Episode #31.5: Comic Book Characters For Causes. Recorded 12/28/2013. Tina, Kristen, and Jason – three amazing cosplayers from Comic Book Characters For Causes –  humble Josh and Chris by visiting the ComixBrew studio. As Josh stumbles his way through his questions, these noble cosplayers talk all about CBC4C’s inception and how a group of geeky …

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Dec 06

Emerald City is Just Around The Corner!

The first convention that I ever attended was Emerald City Comic Con back in 2009. Although I was very late to the game I have since gone through a steep learning curve, especially when it comes to interactions with creators, artists, and cosplayers. After four successful ventures into the Washington State Convention Center I have …

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