Tag: Craft Beer

Jan 09

ComixBrew Episode #188: Barrel Aged by Georgetown Brewing

ComixBrew Episode #188: Barrel Aged by Georgetown Brewing. Recorded on 1/7/2017. ComixBrew returns for another round of comic books and craft brews! This week Josh, Adam, and Tyler are joined by Lisa and Mark from Georgetown Brewing Co. as they discover the true wonders of barrel aging brews. Aside from all the questions about the …

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Dec 12

ComixBrew Episode #184: Stuff Your Stockings

ComixBrew Episode #184: Stuff Your Stockings. Recorded on 12/9/2016. ComixBrew is here to spread some holiday cheer and love through comic books and craft brews! Join Chris, Tyler, Josh, and Adam as they cover the latest and greatest of the two best industries in the world! R.L. Stine is going to be writing Man-Thing for …

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Oct 10

ComixBrew Episode #175: NYCC vs. Luke Cage

ComixBrew Episode #175: NYCC vs. Luke Cage. Recorded on 10/7/2016. ComixBrew is battling the brews, news, and comic books just for you! Join Chris, Adam, Josh, and Tyler as they roll through the greatest things of the week. There’s a ton of New York City Comicon news! News about Logan, Punisher and Iron Fist have …

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May 02

ComixBrew Episode #152: A Brew for You

ComixBrew Episode #152: A Brew for You. Recorded on 4/29/2016. Ever feel like you don’t have enough comic books in your life? ComixBrew is here for you! Join Chris, Tyler, Josh, and Adam as they wade through the latest in comic books and craft brews. Adam discusses that 20th Century Fox will be absent from …

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Feb 29

ComixBrew Episode #143: The Last Will

Episode #143: The Last Will. Recorded on 2/27/2016. ComixBrew returns to bring the very greatest of comics and brews. This week Adam, Tyler, Chris, and Josh tell you all about Daredevil Season 2, Iron Fist being cast, Timely Comics returning to Marvel, and there are some ECCC updatesl. Comics this week are: Daredevil #4, The …

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Nov 23

ComixBrew Episode #129: Spotlight on Frank Quitely

Episode #129: Spotlight on Frank Quitely. Recorded on 11/21/2015. ComixBrew returns! Chris, Josh, Tyler, and Adam are back for another fantastic romp through comic books while enjoying some of the finest craft brews! This week, the guys dodge around Jessica Jones spoilers, and bring you the news. Apparently Frank Miller will be developing a fourth …

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Jul 06

ComixBrew Episode #109: Oh Say Can You See

Episode #109: Oh Say Can You See. Recorded on 7/3/2015. Was your 4th of July awesome? We hope so! Adam, Josh, and Tyler are relentless in their quest for bringing you the best in comics and craft brew. 5 Rabbit Brewery had something to say about Donald Trump, the Image Expo went down flawlessly, and …

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Jun 22

ComixBrew Episode #107: The More You Know

Episode #107: The More You Know. Recorded on 6/19/2015. The boys at ComixBrew want to welcome you back for another round of comics and craft beer. This week the dudes talk about Marvel and Comixology, an unfortunate occurrence involving Sweet Baby Jesus, and some last minute changes to the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight video game …

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Apr 20

ComixBrew Episode #98: The Horror of Lonnie

Episode #98: The Horror of Lonnie. Recorded on 4/18/2015. Chris returns because Tyler is out of the state! And he brought Lonnie with him this week. Josh guides the guys through a few exciting stories about Batman v Superman, Dick Cantwell from Elysian, and a the next Star Wars comic coming from Marvel. Convergence continues …

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Apr 13

ComixBrew Episode #97: Taste Tested

Episode #97:Taste Tested. Recorded on 4/10/2015. Josh, Tyler, and Adam are back with a vengeance and a desire to save Hell’s Kitchen from Fisk! Not really though. In this relatively spoiler free episode, Tyler tells the guys about some Frank Cho/Spider-Gwen internet fiasco, a little news about a Seattle brewery vs Lost Coast, and then …

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