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Mar 13

ComixBrew Episode #197: Schooled by Georgetown Brewing

ComixBrew Episode #197: Schooled by Georgetown Brewing. Recorded on 3/11/2017. ComixBrew returns for another raucous episode of comic books and craft brews! Listen in as Adam, Tyler, and Josh are joined by Lisa and Mark of Georgetown Brewing Co. This time around Lisa and Mark bring the guys some choice IPAs from the brewery and …

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Jan 16

ComixBrew Episode #189: NO MORE DIDDLING

ComixBrew Episode #189: NO MORE DIDDLING. Recorded on 1/14/2017. ComixBrew is back with a great and powerful yearning to divulge all things comics and craft brews. Join Tyler, Adam, and Josh as they tell you all about some the latest news in both worlds! There’s some information about Avengers: Infinity War, Joe Quesada made a …

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Dec 19

ComixBrew Episode #185: Escape the Loop

ComixBrew Episode #185: Escape the Loop. Recorded on 12/17/2016. ComixBrew is surviving the chill of winter with the warmth of comic books and craft brews! This week join Adam, Tyler, and Josh as they discuss the latest and best news of the week! A Senior VP at Marvel had much to say about sales, DC …

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Sep 26

ComixBrew Episode #173: Spotlight on Rick Remender

ComixBrew Episode #173: Spotlight on Rick Remender. Recorded on 9/23/2016. ComixBrew is back in action! Join Chris, Adam, and Josh as they discuss the latest and greetest of comics for the week! And oh boy! Comic books sold more in August than they have since 1998, we get the real story behind Tim Seeley leaving …

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Mar 28

ComixBrew Episode #147: Fix It with Spoilers

Episode #147: Fix It with Spoilers. Recorded on 3/26/2016. Adam, Tyler, Chris, and Josh invite you to listen in to the newest episode of ComixBrew, the one place to find the greetest opinions on comic books and craft brews. This week the guys sip in style and discuss the LEGO Batman Movie teaser, The Mighty …

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Mar 21

ComixBrew Episode #146: The Devil You Know

Episode #146: The Devil You Know. Recorded on 3/18/2016. Tyler, Adam, Chris, and Josh return to bring you all the news, brews, and reviews from the world of ComixBrew! This week Adam tells you about a new Luke Cage teaser, some Hollywood news concerning Mera – Aquaman’s main squeeze – and a new X-Men Apocalypse …

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Nov 02

ComixBrew Episode #126: Oh The Horror

Episode #126: Oh The Horror. Recorded on 10/30/2015. Adam, Josh, and Tyler return for more shenanigans concerning comic books and craft brews. Adam brings the news this week and the dudes discuss another upcoming Stone Enjoy By Brew, how Valiant Entertainment is sending out some Eternal Warrior axes, they take a small look at 10 …

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Oct 26

ComixBrew Episode #125: Morning Mad Lib

Episode #125: Morning Mad Lib. Recorded on 10/24/2015. Chris is back in the studio!!! This week he schools Tyler, Josh, and Adam on the latest and greatest in all things worth knowing. There’s a coloring book coming to you from DC, and Mark Millar is back at Marvel in order to work with Stuart Immonen. …

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Sep 28

ComixBrew Episode #121: A Long Exchange

ComixBrew Episode #121: A Long Exchange. Recorded on 9/26/2015. Adam, Tyler, and Josh take you through a real long episode this week. There’s some news about Emerald City Comic Con, the death of the first Jimmy Olsen, Josh has a story about Tyler killing some ice cream, a court rules that the Batmobile is a …

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Sep 20

A Taste-Off to Remember

Saturday Sept. 19th was a very surreal day for me. It started off with me handling some state mandated car problems – problems of which I had put off for six months. But all of that was just a distraction from what was really on my mind. For the last two weeks we have been …

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