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Jul 31

ComixBrew Episode #217: Travis Loves ComixBrew

ComixBrew Episode #217: Travis Loves ComixBrew Recorded on 7/29/2017. ComixBrew is back with a new free form episode and is lacking one entire Tyler. But never fear! A ready and able Travis Bundy is both ready and able to join the catastrophe of a free form ComixBrew episode. Let’s see what happens this week! Also, …

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Nov 07

ComixBrew Episode #179: Jet City Comic Show 2016

ComixBrew Episode #179: Jet City Comic Show 2016. Recorded on 11/6/2016. ComixBrew has survived Jet City Comic Show 2016. And it was a blast! This week join Adam, Tyler, Chris, and Josh as they go over the best in comics and craft brews. This week the guys have the privilege of sampling Moxie and Gusto …

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Jul 20

ComixBrew Episode #163.5: Creator’s Edge Press

ComixBrew Episode #163.5: Creator's Edge Press

ComixBrew Episode #163.5: Creator’s Edge Press. Recorded on 7/17/2016. The Point-5 Initiative brings you another exciting episode! This week Josh and Tyler host Travis and Shawn from Creator’s Edge Press. The dudes discuss the happenings during the convention season, some nitty gritty details about the business of self-publishing, as well as a long discussion of …

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Apr 11

ComixBrew Episode #149.5: ECCC 2016 Day 4

ComixBrew Episode #149.5: ECCC 2016 Day 4. Recorded on 4/10/2016. That’s all folks! Emerald City Comicon 2016 is officially over and what a great time was had by all! Join Chris, Ty, Tyler, Josh, and Adam as they remember the best parts of the convention and thank those who were kind enough to sit and …

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Nov 01

Jet City Comic Show 2015 Day 2

In a five story convention center, in the city of Tacoma, WA, during Halloween weekend one convention dared to say: “Let’s have a show that focuses on local artists and comic book shops. A place where the folks in Western Washington can show off their stuff, fans can dress as their favorite characters, and comic …

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Apr 08

ComixBrew Episode #96.5: Creator’s Edge Press, Billy Loves Nibbles

Episode #96.5: Creator’s Edge Press, Billy Loves Nibbles. Recorded on 4/4/2015. It’s a thing of beauty when the Point-5 Initiative is on duty! For this episode Travis Bundy returns to discuss all things CEP. How Emerald City 2015 went for them, what they’re looking forward to in the coming months. Josh and Travis also discuss …

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Apr 06

ComixBrew Episode #96: Hounding Comics

Episode #96: Hounding Comics. Recorded on 4/3/2015. Adam, Josh, and Tyler return to feed your brains with all kinds of nutritious comic book and craft beer foods. Tyler has brush with the law and Adam swings the guys into news this week. Did you know there are now powdered beers? Deadpool jokes happened on April …

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Apr 03

Vengeance of The Lamb

For two thousand years Christians and those who claim to be Christians have be transubstantiating wine and bread into the body and blood of Jesus. Consuming his flesh in order to secure a place for themselves in the kingdom of heaven. But, what if over the course of two thousand years, Jesus was sick of …

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Mar 23

ComixBrew Episode #94: ComixBrew Loves ECCC

Episode #94: ComixBrew Loves ECCC. Recorded on 3/21/2015. Adam, Tyler, and Josh return for the week leading up to Emerald City Comicon 2015. This week Tyler talks about Archie Horror comics, ONI Press opening up their imprint to submissions, and the scandalous Batgirl cover that hit the solicits and set the internet ablaze. Then they …

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Mar 22

Billy Loves Nibbles

Disclaimer: What you’re about to read may seem indelicate and lacking any kind of tact, but rest assured that I am just as ignorant as you assume I am. One of the best parts of being a part of comic book culture is that there is so much content out there. We live in a …

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