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Feb 29

ComixBrew Episode #143: The Last Will

Episode #143: The Last Will. Recorded on 2/27/2016. ComixBrew returns to bring the very greatest of comics and brews. This week Adam, Tyler, Chris, and Josh tell you all about Daredevil Season 2, Iron Fist being cast, Timely Comics returning to Marvel, and there are some ECCC updatesl. Comics this week are: Daredevil #4, The …

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Feb 22

ComixBrew Episode #142: Color me Deadpool

Episode #142: Color me Deadpool. Recorded on 2/20/2016. Tyler and Chris are gone for the week, but Josh and Adam are not left hanging. Enter Brock! No, not Brock Sampson. And not the guy from Pokemon. But a Brock nonetheless! This week the guys discuss what’s coming up in comic books and comic culture, with …

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Dec 07

ComixBrew Episode #131: Spoilers, Adam Died

ComixBrew Episode #131: Spoilers, Adam Died. Recorded on 12/4/2015. That’s correct folks, it’s a somewhat sad day for ComixBrew, because spoilers….Adam died. But Tyler and Josh soldier on through the tragedy. There’s some other news! Did you happen to catch the new trailer for Batman v Superman? No? No problem, Josh and Tyler did and …

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Dec 04


I cannot imagine being blind. I mean it. I am physically incapable of using my gray matter to attempt perception with zero visual stimuli. My eyes are my strongest and most reliable sense and a life without them would almost be a life not worth living. You’d think with how much I respect the power …

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Jun 15

ComixBrew Episode #106: Fatherhood

Episode #106: Fatherhood. Recorded on 6/13/2015. Happy Father’s day to all you dads out there! For this auspicious episode Tyler, Adam, Josh, and ba-ba-ba-bum! Chris are here to meander through the news and brews of the week. The boys discuss season 2 of Daredevil, Doctor Strange’s new villain, Snoop Dogg v Pabst, and the steps …

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May 04

ComixBrew Episode #100: Spoilercast

Episode #100: Spoilercast. Recorded on 5/1/2015. The guys made it to 100 episodes!! Who’d have thought? Chris, Tyler, Adam, and Josh throw all the rules out of the studio and have a blast. This episode is FULL of SPOILERS!! Comics and otherwise. There are also very little in the way of brews, but plenty of …

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Apr 13

ComixBrew Episode #97: Taste Tested

Episode #97:Taste Tested. Recorded on 4/10/2015. Josh, Tyler, and Adam are back with a vengeance and a desire to save Hell’s Kitchen from Fisk! Not really though. In this relatively spoiler free episode, Tyler tells the guys about some Frank Cho/Spider-Gwen internet fiasco, a little news about a Seattle brewery vs Lost Coast, and then …

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Feb 09

ComixBrew Episode #88: The Neal Adams Shake Up

Episode #88: The Neal Adams Shake Up: Recorded on 2/6/2015. Tyler, Adam, and Josh bring you all the things relevant to comic books and craft beer. This week we experience a shake up. Adam makes you travel through Buy Piles first, and then some news, followed by the reviews. This week the guys look at …

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Jan 12

ComixBrew Episode #84: The Jim Steranko Twitter-verse

Episode #84: The Jim Steranko Twitter-verse. Recorded on 1/9/2015. ComixBrew returns with another triumphant episode. This week Fake Adam, Josh, and Tyler guide you through all things comics and beer. Tyler tells us of Star Wars coming to Comixology, all about some new movie and television news, and he walks you through the announcements coming …

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Oct 13

ComixBrew Episode #71.2: That’s The NYCC Roulette Baby

Episode #71.2: That’s The NYCC Roulette Baby. Recorded on 10/11/2014. This special edition of ComixBrew covers all things concerning New York City Comic Con 2014. Annoucements, rumors, leaks, and scandals. All of it is discussed here. If you’re looking for the regular ComixBrew episode, check out Episode #71.1. Intro and outro courtesy of 2hundred6. A …

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