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Feb 07

New Comic Realeses for 2-8-2017

Another week means another pile of comics that you will need to go pick up. So, just in case you missed anything, here is everything that’s coming out this week. Hope it helps.   Dark Horse Comics ITEM CODE DESCRIPTION PRICE OCT160028 DRAGON AGE ADULT COLORING BOOK SC $14.99 DEC160079 EMPOWERED SOLDIER OF LOVE #1 …

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Jan 10

New Comic Releases for 1-11-17

New comics come out tomorrow. So why not take a gander at what is getting released tomorrow. I guarantee there is something in this list that you need to be reading. So take a look and then mosey on down to your local comic shop and grab your books for this werek!   Dark Horse …

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Mar 05

The Jackson 5 (Comics, That Is)

The First Jackson 5 of March is here! A couple new series came out this week, along with some old classics that you’ve just got to grab. Click through for your weekly dose of great comics.

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Nov 13

Chris’s Buy Pile for 11/13/14

Batman #36 Written by: Scott Snyder, Art by: Greg Capullo, Colors by: FCO Plascencia Published by: DC Comics Oh man! Mr. Snyder can write one hell of a Batman book.  This arc is setting up to be better than Death of the Family.  Joker is back and he is pissed, he is out to destroy …

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Oct 29

Chris’s Buy Pile for 10/29/14

The Goon: Occasion of Revenge #3 Written and Art by: Eric Powell Published by: Dark Horse Things get ratcheted up to an earth shattering climax in this issue, the last page will leave you stunned.  I can’t even begin to think how this will effect the Goon going forward.  We get to see only a …

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Jul 23

Chris’s Buy Pile for 7/23/14

So remember when I said I wouldn’t miss anymore of these, well I forgot about TI4.  So here we are again to launch into what I picked up this week. Manifest Destiny #8 Written by: Chris Dingess, Art by: Matthew Roberts, Colors by: Owen Gieni Published by: Image This comic still has bite even this …

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Jun 25

Chris’ Buy Pile 6/25/14

Sorry I didn’t do a run down last week, or the week before.  I was in Arkansas for a week for my grandfather’s funeral and the following week I had to prepare myself to run 3 different tabletop rpg games, and that takes time.  I hope to not miss any more form this point out! …

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May 07

Chris’s Buy Pile for 5/7/14

Rat Queens #6 Written by: Kurtis J. Wiebe Art & Colors by: Roc Upchurch Published by: Image Image has a full blown hit on their hands with Rat Queens.  Holy shit, if you were expecting a sophomore slump then look somewhere else, the boys come out swinging and promise an even more bad ass second arc. …

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Apr 05

Chris’ Buy Pile for 4/2/14

Suicide Risk #12 Written by: Mike Carey Art by: Elena Casagrande Published by: BOOM! Studios I can never tell where this comic is going to go and I love that fact about it.  I gave up trying to predict and figure things out and just enjoy the journey.  We dig deeper into the past of …

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Mar 12

Chris’ Buy Pile for 3/12/2014

Manifest Destiny #5 Written by: Chris Dingess Art by: Matthew Roberts Published by: Image Comics The green menance isn’t going away anytime soon, and Lewis and Clark decide its high time to try and end it.  I love how distinctly different each person is, when faced with an enemy, Clark is so gung ho to …

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