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Jun 28

Batman/Elmer Fudd

I’m Hunting Pwayboys….SHHHHHHHHH Show of hands, how many here watched Looney Tunes growing up? Really? That many? I can’t actually count who raised their hands and who didn’t because this is sort of a one-way conversation. Ain’t I a stinker…? All kidding aside, Looney Tunes was a staple cartoon for generations of audiences worldwide, so …

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Jan 23

ComixBrew Episode #190: Mr. Lord Goes to Washington

ComixBrew Episode #190: Mr. Lord Goes to Washington. Recorded on 1/21/2017. ComixBrew is back and is ready to face this new frontier underneath God Emperor Lord’s regime. Join Adam, Tyler, and Josh as they discuss the ways comic books and craft brews are still maintaining a functioning country full of optimism and love! There’s a …

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Jan 04

ComixBrew Episode #187.5: Events in Review

ComixBrew Episode #187.5: Events in Review. Recorded on 12/30/2016. The Point-5 initiative rings in the new year! For this first episode of 2017 join Adam, Chris, Tyler, and Josh. Before 2016 ended the guys wanted to make sure that they gave their on the conclusion of Marvel’s Civil War II as well as the second …

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Nov 28

ComixBrew Episode #182: ComixBrew Gives Thanks

ComixBrew Episode #182: ComixBrew Gives Thanks. Recorded on 11/26/2016. It’s time for comic books and craft brews brought to you by the lovely folks at ComixBrew! Join Chris, Adam, Tyler, and Josh as they discuss the latest news for both industries. Dwayne McDuffie’s wife wants set up a very worthy GoFundMe, Black Bolt is finally …

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Nov 18

DC Comics Trinity

The Trinity is the very foundation of the DC Comics Pantheon. Without the strength of Wonder Woman, the dependability of Superman, and the genius of Batman there would be no Justice League, there would be no Robin, Wonder Girl, or Superboy. And of course there would be no Lex Luthor, no Joker, and no Cheetah. …

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May 23

ComixBrew Episode #155: Movie Magic

ComixBrew Episode #155: Movie Magic. Recorded on 5/20/2016. It is time to celebrate our togetherness with a brand new episode of ComixBrew. Join Josh, Tyler, Chris, and Adam as they discuss the latest and greatest in comics and brews. NYCC is changing up how tickets work this year and it will be Stan Lee’s last …

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May 20

Future Quest #1

A hallmark of growing up in the United States, regardless of socioeconomic elements, is that we had cartoons. Cartoons that spanned decades thanks to syndication. Those syndicated cartoons were often the cartoons we HAD to watch while we were waiting to get to the cartoons we wanted to watch. Don’t get me wrong, there were …

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May 09

ComixBrew Episode #153: Civil War is Hell

ComixBrew Episode #153: Civil War is Hell. Recorded on 5/6/2016. In a world where craft brews and comics reign supreme, one podcast challenges all other takers! ComixBrew returns!! Join Chris, Adam, Tyler, and Josh as they discuss the best stuff of the week! Like Captain America: Civil War, DC Comics Rebirth, The Irredeemable movie, Zack …

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Apr 25

ComixBrew Episode #151: Spotlight on Image Comics

ComixBrew Episode #151: Spotlight on Image Comics. Recorded on 4/23/2016. The full cast of ComixBrew returns to get things back on track for the week. Join Chris, Josh, Adam, and Tyler as they discuss the greatest in comic book culture and craft brewing. This week the guys break down some interesting news about Wonder Woman, …

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Apr 18

ComixBrew Episode #150: Freeform

ComixBrew Episode #150: Freeform. Recorded on 4/16/2016. There’s a new look in the studio! Just in time for ComixBrew’s 150th episode! Join Josh, Tyler, and Adam as they just sorta wing it for this celebratory episode. There’s talk about Doctor Strange, some talk about Wonder Woman, a little bit of chatter about Batman: The Killing …

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