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Feb 15

ComixBrew Reads Doctor Strange The Oath Pt. 2

ComixBrew Reads Doctor Strange The Oath

ComixBrew Reads Doctor Strange The Oath Pt. 2. Recorded on 2/4/2017. ComixBrew Reads returns with the ultimate and amazing finale of Doctor Strange The Oath. This book, written by Brian K. Vaughan and drawn by Marcos Martin, is read by Josh, Adam, and Tyler. What feats of harrowing misadventure away Stephen Strange, Night Nurse, and …

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Aug 22

ComixBrew Episode #168: ComixBrew Gold Medalists

ComixBrew Episode #168: ComixBrew Gold Medalists. Recorded on 8/20/2016. ComixBrew goes for gold in a brand new episode! This week join Tyler, Adam, and Josh as they discuss the latest and greatest in comic books and craft brews. Hulu ordered a pilot for a Runaways series, Zendaya may be playing Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man …

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Jul 25

ComixBrew Episode #164: SDCC 2016 Aftermath

ComixBrew Episode #164: SDCC 2016 Aftermath. Recorded on 7/23/2016. ComixBrew returns to bring you the very best in comic books and craft brews. With the great event of San Diego Comic Con taking place last weekend, how could Tyler, Adam, and Josh discuss anything else? There’s the Eisner Award winners to name, Wonder Woman is …

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May 02

ComixBrew Episode #152: A Brew for You

ComixBrew Episode #152: A Brew for You. Recorded on 4/29/2016. Ever feel like you don’t have enough comic books in your life? ComixBrew is here for you! Join Chris, Tyler, Josh, and Adam as they wade through the latest in comic books and craft brews. Adam discusses that 20th Century Fox will be absent from …

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Apr 29

Doctor Strange: The Last Days of Magic

Doctor Strange: The Last Days of Magic

It’s no secret that I prefer the characters in DC Comics to Marvel. Not to say that Marvel is bad, I like those characters as well. But it’s much easier to conjure moments of magic in DC than it is for Marvel. That is until I started reading Jason Aaron’s Doctor Strange. Although there are …

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Apr 04

ComixBrew Episode #148: ComixBrew Fights Themselves

Episode #148: ComixBrew Fights Themselves. Recorded on 4/2/2016. You ready to rock n’ roll? Too bad! Because this is ComixBrew! All the news, brews, reviews, and whatnot fit to talk about under one roof! Chris, Tyler, Josh, and Adam believe it and so should you! This week Chris brings the juicy newseys with some talk …

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Jan 04

ComixBrew Episode #135: Animality!

Episode #135: Animality! Recorded on 01/02/2016. ComixBrew returns for the new year! This week join Josh, Adam, Tyler, and Chris (via Skype) as they divulge the latest and greatest in the world of comic books and craft brews. The guys start off the year with some interesting gifts from 99 Bottles, move into brews of …

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Aug 10

ComixBrew Episode #114: Playing Doctor

Episode #114: Playing Doctor. Recorded on 8/8/2015. Adam, Tyler, and Josh return to give you all the news worth listening to in the world of comic books and craft beer. This week, Tyler discusses the abysmal release of Fantastic Four (the Josh Trank fiasco), he hops on the HYPE TRAIN FOR DOCTOR STRANGE, Josh informs …

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Jul 20

ComixBrew Episode #111: Ant-Tastic Four

Episode #111: Ant-Tastic Four. Recorded on 7/18/2015. There are four in the studio this week. Adam, Tyler, Josh, and Chad (of BadFlix fame) are your hosts for this week’s comics and craft brew extravaganza. There’s a ton of movie and TV news, specifically X-Men Apocalypse, Spider-Man, The Flash and more. There’s also some hub bub …

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Jun 29

ComixBrew Episode #108: Tyler’s Butt and Stuff

Episode #108: Tyler’s Butt and Stuff. Recorded on 6/26/2015. The boys with the comics and the brews are back with…..well, comics and brews. This week the dudes discuss a very special Root Beer, Marvel’s new big screen Spider-Man, as well as some new creators on a pair of Marvel comics, there’s also talk of a …

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