Jul 03

ComixBrew Episode #213: Serial Killin League of America

ComixBrew Episode #213: Serial Killin League of America. Recorded on 7/1/2017. It’s time for another episode of every ones favorite podcast! This week the guys discuss the greatness that is Jack Kirby. ECCC has to pay out some back wages to about 250 workers. With each worker getting about 1500 bucks. The guys also get …

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Mar 06

ComixBrew Episode #196: ECCC 2017

ComixBrew Episode #196: ECCC 2017. Recorded on 3/4/2017. ComixBrew has made it through ECCC 2017 and lived to tell the tale! After a short message about the wonderful folks at The Hero Initiative, the dudes get right into it. There’s a ton of casting news about Marvel’s Inhumans show, some new developments concerning Minnesota liquor …

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Feb 29

ComixBrew Episode #143: The Last Will

Episode #143: The Last Will. Recorded on 2/27/2016. ComixBrew returns to bring the very greatest of comics and brews. This week Adam, Tyler, Chris, and Josh tell you all about Daredevil Season 2, Iron Fist being cast, Timely Comics returning to Marvel, and there are some ECCC updatesl. Comics this week are: Daredevil #4, The …

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Jan 19

ComixBrew Episode #85: The ComixBrew Mixtape

Episode #85: The ComixBrew Mixtape. Recorded on 1/16/2015. Fake Adam, Josh, and Tyler welcome you back for the next installment of ComixBrew. This week, Fake Adam tells you about a beer with whale testicles in it, how Lagunitas reached for a lawsuit, introduces you to a new comicbook app, and how Emerald City Comicon might …

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Mar 31

ComixBrew Episode #43.3: ECCC 2014 Day 3

Episode #43.3: ECCC 2014 Day 3. Recorded 3/30/2014. The original cast of ComixBrew brings you the recap of Emerald City Comic Con that the internet deserves. That’s right! Chris, Josh, and Tyler are your hosts on an epic journey of awesomeness where news and the Convention rap-up are all that remains paramount amongst the professional, …

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Mar 30

ComixBrew Episode #43.2: ECCC 2014 Day 2

Episode #43.2: ECCC 2014 Day 2. Recorded on 3/29/2014. Tyler and Josh have survived the second day of their Emerald City Comic Con excursion, by the sweat of their brows and the skin of their teeth they return to the studio triumphant! They are joined once again by Mike and Kaydria and together they all …

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Mar 24

ComixBrew Episode #42: Emerald City Comic Con Pregame Show

Episode #42: Emerald City Comic Con Pregame Show. Recorded 3/22/2014. Strap yourself in for an extravagant and extra long podcast as Chris, Josh, and Tyler welcome Nick into their podcast fold. Along with all of the gifts that Nick brought along, he also brought the ruckus! The dudes slog their way through news and stumble …

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Dec 06

Emerald City is Just Around The Corner!

The first convention that I ever attended was Emerald City Comic Con back in 2009. Although I was very late to the game I have since gone through a steep learning curve, especially when it comes to interactions with creators, artists, and cosplayers. After four successful ventures into the Washington State Convention Center I have …

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