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Jun 29

ComixBrew Episode #108: Tyler’s Butt and Stuff

Episode #108: Tyler’s Butt and Stuff. Recorded on 6/26/2015. The boys with the comics and the brews are back with…..well, comics and brews. This week the dudes discuss a very special Root Beer, Marvel’s new big screen Spider-Man, as well as some new creators on a pair of Marvel comics, there’s also talk of a …

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Apr 06

ComixBrew Episode #96: Hounding Comics

Episode #96: Hounding Comics. Recorded on 4/3/2015. Adam, Josh, and Tyler return to feed your brains with all kinds of nutritious comic book and craft beer foods. Tyler has brush with the law and Adam swings the guys into news this week. Did you know there are now powdered beers? Deadpool jokes happened on April …

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Sep 22

ComixBrew Episode #68: You Do Me and I’ll Owe You One

Episode #68: You Do Me and I’ll Owe You One. Recorded on 9/20/2014. ComixBrew returns for another amazing week of news, brews, and reviews! In this week’s installment Chris selects a story about InBev, something to do with a Humble Bundle, and the guys ponder if DC and Marvel are secretly doing a crossover. Comics …

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May 19

ComixBrew Episode #50: The Mad Lib Pool Party Rises

Episode #50: The Mad Lib Pool Party Rises. Recorded on 5/17/2014. ComixBrew finally gets a real sponsor!!! Big thanks to Stephan Schuler for going out of his way to support the guys for the show. And damnit if the dudes didn’t deliver! Amongst all the television news and impending trailers Tyler, Chris, and Josh make …

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Apr 14

ComixBrew Episode #45: Sidekicks

Episode #45: Sidekicks. Recorded on 4/11/2014. The ComixBrew crew wades through another sloshing quagmire that is all geeky comic news in the world, and since this is the first and only place to get your news, the dudes execute their burden with the utmost professionalism. After tackling news , they review Iron Fist The Living …

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Apr 07

ComixBrew Episode #44: The Captain America Aftermath

Episode #44: The Captain America Aftermath. Recorded on 4/5/2014. The studio is being upgraded and the guys enjoy the warmer climes within as they recover from seeing The Winter Soldier! Whilst Tyler can barely contain himself due to the greatness of the film, there is still a show for them to do. After news from …

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Feb 24

ComixBrew Episode #38: Full of Energy

Episode #38: Full of Energy. Recorded 2/22/2014. Chris, Tyler, and Josh are back to bore you about comics and maybe talk about some beer. While they yawn their way through the night, the happen to discuss Loki: Ragnarok and Roll, New Warriors, and Undertow. At the end, if they can stay awake, they discuss their …

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Jan 03

The Brewsies Results!

Seeing as how prestigious the Brewsies were this year, it wouldn’t be proper without us giving a comprehensive list of the winners.   Best Ongoing Comic: Green Arrow Best New Comic: Lazarus Best Limited Series: A Tie——> The Wake & Buzzkill Best Cover: Green Lantern #20 Best Artist: Andrea Sorrentino Best Writer: Brian K. Vaughan …

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Dec 20

This is…a Red Ale and This is…an Amber Ale

Until today I didn’t know that American Red Ales and Amber Ales are almost the same thing. In case you were unaware the two beers that started me on this venture into the world of craft brews were the Elysian Men’s Room Red and the Alaskan Amber. However, my favorite Amber to have when I’m …

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Dec 13

This is…an IPA

This is by far my favorite style of brew, which is of course why I’m starting with it. I cut my teeth on Elysian’s Immortal IPA, but others that I’ve enjoyed include Pyramid’s Outburst IPA, Ninkasi’s Total Domination IPA, and also the occasional Stone IPA. Some tasters will say that IPAs leave a burnt hop …

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