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Jan 01

ComixBrew Episode #239: Happy Brew Year

ComixBrew Episode #239: Happy Brew Year. Recorded on 12-29-2017. The New Year has started! And what better way to start this new year than with an episode of ComixBrew? In fact, the guys decided to start the year extra loose with a free form episode. They do spend some time with Doomsday Clock #2 and …

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May 01

ComixBrew Episode #204: Freeform Foibles

ComixBrew Episode #204: Freeform Foibles. Recorded on 4/28/2017. ComixBrew returns to bring you the latest and greatest in the ways of comic books, craft brews, and inane humor! Join Tyler, Adam, and Josh as they discuss a wide range of topics during this week’s free form episode. That includes things like The Flash #21 and …

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Mar 27

ComixBrew Episode #199: Hemorrhoidal Tendencies

ComixBrew Episode #199: Hemorrhoidal Tendencies. Recorded on 3/25/2017. ComixBrew is back for a brand new bag of free form podcasting for your listing pleasure. This week join Adam, Tyler, and Josh as they discuss whatever happens to come to mind. There’s plenty to talk about as Josh brought a Montana-brewed beer back from his trip. …

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Sep 12

ComixBrew Episode #171: A Freeform Slowburn

ComixBrew Episode #171: A Freeform Slowburn. Recorded on 9/9/2016. ComixBrew arrives on the scene of the most recent comic book catastrophe and is here to help! No. Wait….it’s a podcast! Join Adam, Chris, Tyler, and Josh as they delve deep into this freeform and noteless episode of ComixBrew. The guys discuss a myriad of things, …

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Jul 04

ComixBrew Episode #161: A Freeform 4th

ComixBrew Episode #161: A Freeform 4th. Recorded on 7/2/2016. ComixBrew returns and is back to full strength with some freeform shenanigans. Join Chris, Adam, Tyler, and Josh as they discuss whatever happens to be on their minds at the time. Wonder what kind of trouble they’ll get into and what skeletons might be uncovered from …

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