Tag: G. Willow Wilson

Feb 01

ComixBrew Episode #139: Cancellation Station

Episode #139: Cancellation Station. Recorded on 01/29/2016. Chris, Adam, Tyler, and Josh return to bring you the latest and not the not greatest in comic books and craft brews. This week, amidst Skype being douchey to Chris, Tyler talks about DC bringing Hanna-Barbera properties to comics, Deadpool’s PSA about testicular cancer, and a bunch of …

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May 18

ComixBrew Episode #102: One Giant Leap for ComixBrew

Episode #102: One Giant Leaper for ComixBrew. Recorded on 5/17/2015. Tyler, Adam, and Josh come at you with a new episode of the best thing on the internet. Tyler brought the guys a beer from space! The guys discuss some Fizzics, G. Willow Wilson’s response to a New Yorker article, some trials that Archie comics …

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Feb 19

The Jackson 5 (Comics, That Is)

The Jackson 5 is back! Again.I promise you’ll love this week’s comics!

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Dec 15

ComixBrew Episode #80: Richard Ryder is A Door-Able

Episode #80: Richard Ryder is A Door-Able. Recorded on 12/12/2014. Tyler’s favorite Marvel cosmic hero now exists as door. Josh thinks that’s funny. Chris is somewhat amused. That’s probably the most legit conclusion you can arrive at from this episode. But there’s also comics and beer to talk about. The guys review The Valiant #1, …

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