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Feb 06

ComixBrew Episode #192: Monsters Leashed

ComixBrew Episode #192: Monsters Leashed. Recorded on 2/5/2017. ComixBrew is back, once again, to give you all the news fit to blab about! Come listen to Tyler, Josh, and Adam as they talk about some tragic news about comic artists, a rockin’ new beer from Anthrax, and let you in on the newest details about …

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Jul 18

ComixBrew Episode #163: True Brew

ComixBrew Episode #163: True Brew. Recorded on 7/16/2016. A new week! A new day! Bringing you the best parts of the week in the form of comedy, comics, and brews. Join Chris, Adam, Tyler, Tai, and Josh as they discuss a week’s worth of news. Jamie McKelvie applied his artwork to a CHVRCHES music video, …

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Nov 18

ComixBrew Reads Blackest Night Part 2

ComixBrew Reads Blackest Night Part 2. Recorded on 10/19/2015. Tyler and Josh return for the second installment of Blackest Night! Written by Geoff Johns, drawn by Ivan Reis and Doug Mahnke, this week the guys journey through Green Lantern #46-49 and Blackest Night #4 and #5. What horrors await the color-coded cavalry? What lives will …

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Nov 11

ComixBrew Reads Blackest Night Part 1

ComixBrew Reads Blackest Night Part 1. Recorded on 10/5/2015. Tyler and Josh are back for another installment of ComixBrew Read Thru! This time the two are embarking on a journey through Blackest Night, written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Ivan Reis and Doug Mahnke. The two cover both the Green Lantern tie-ins and the …

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Aug 10

ComixBrew Episode #114: Playing Doctor

Episode #114: Playing Doctor. Recorded on 8/8/2015. Adam, Tyler, and Josh return to give you all the news worth listening to in the world of comic books and craft beer. This week, Tyler discusses the abysmal release of Fantastic Four (the Josh Trank fiasco), he hops on the HYPE TRAIN FOR DOCTOR STRANGE, Josh informs …

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Aug 09

Comic Grab Bag

Every once in a while there are times where nothing new really strikes me on the shelves, that is to say that every so often I only have comics that I’m already reading – and probably already reviewed – for this particular week. As such, in lieu of a full review of a single comic, …

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Jun 28

Bringing Sexy Back

The Green Lantern Corps is possibly my favorite thing about the DC Universe. Yes there’s nobody like The Batman, and who can fault me for having a serious respect for The Flash, but nothing compares to the idea of thousands of space cops wielding magic rings which shape their thoughts into physical constructs. The only …

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Apr 07

ComixBrew Episode #44: The Captain America Aftermath

Episode #44: The Captain America Aftermath. Recorded on 4/5/2014. The studio is being upgraded and the guys enjoy the warmer climes within as they recover from seeing The Winter Soldier! Whilst Tyler can barely contain himself due to the greatness of the film, there is still a show for them to do. After news from …

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Nov 18

ComixBrew Episode #24: The Legacy

Episode #24: The Legacy. Recorded on 11/16/2013. Chris, Josh, and Tyler are back in yo face with some interesting revelations. Josh apologizes for episode 23, Chris chimes in about some beer news, and it turns out Tyler is a busy guy. In between rants, the dudes cover Unity #1, Manifest Destiny #1, and Umbral #1. …

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Nov 15

Green Lantern: Emerald Knights

Ladies and gentleman! I have been absolutely remiss in my duties to the great fan community. In these weekly explorations of animated features I blew right passed my favorite DC flick. Green Lantern: Emerald Knights is an anthology after mine own heart. It contains six stories that detail the greatness of the greater Green Lantern …

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