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Jan 15

ComixBrew Episode #241: Roll Initiative

ComixBrew Episode #241: Roll Initiative. Recorded on 1/13/2018. ComixBrew is back with a brand new episode full of old reviews! Tyler leads the gang through news, Adam and Josh bring reviews of Hellboy vol. 1 and Invincible vol. 1, while Tyler gives you a fresh look at Backways #1. The third segment is all about …

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Jan 08

ComixBrew Episode #240: Adam Takes a Nap

ComixBrew EPisode #240: Adam Takes a Nap. Recorded on 1-6-2018. It’s time to get back to business as usual.  And it really wears Adam out. So much in fact, that if you listen closely you may actually hear him sleeping a couple times this episode. The guys talk about Bryan Singer no longer being the …

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Sep 18

ComixBrew Episode #224: 25 Years of B:TAS

ComixBrew Episode #224: 25 years of B:TAS. Recorded on 9-16-2017. It’s Monday again, and like always, we are here to help make the day a little more enjoyable. It’s a chunky episode this week. Filled with news about Batman and TMNT. Along with the comic world loosing another godfather, Len Wein, you may not realize …

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Aug 07

ComixBrew Episode #218: A Questionable Meal.

ComixBrew Episode #218: A Questionable meal. Recorded on 8-5-2017. ComixBrew is back with another wonderful episode for your listening pleasure. Our lovely hosts discuss all kinds of fun stuff this week. From quality beer to quality comics, ComixBrew has it all. Including such wonderful news stories as, Dwayne Mcduffie’s estate is suing Milestone Media, as …

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Jul 17

ComixBrew Episode #215: F.M.K.

ComixBrew Episode #215: F.M.K. Recorded on 7-15-2017 It’s time for another episode of ComixBrew. This week the guys get back to the show proper. So they have news, reviews, and some tasty brews. Tyler is super hyped for the new stuff coming from the world of Hellboy, and a new Netflix series in the works …

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May 15

ComixBrew Episode #206: For All the Super Moms

ComixBrew Episode #206: For All the Super Moms. Recorded on 5/12/2017. It’s a very special episode of ComixBrew this week. This week we celebrate moms everywhere with a Mother’s Day themed episode. Before the news we get a very amusing story from Josh, which comes back into play at the end of the episode. As …

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Feb 01

ComixBrew Episode #139: Cancellation Station

Episode #139: Cancellation Station. Recorded on 01/29/2016. Chris, Adam, Tyler, and Josh return to bring you the latest and not the not greatest in comic books and craft brews. This week, amidst Skype being douchey to Chris, Tyler talks about DC bringing Hanna-Barbera properties to comics, Deadpool’s PSA about testicular cancer, and a bunch of …

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Oct 27

ComixBrew Episode #73: Supernatural Super Podcast

Episode #73: Supernatural Super Podcast. Recorded on 10/25/2014. Chris, Tyler, and Josh are back at the mics and ready to rock this Halloween season with some comic books and craft beer. After a stunning intro by Fake Adam and Chad from BadFlix, this episode kicks you right in the diaphragm and doesn’t stop til the …

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Feb 17

ComixBrew Episode #37: Love is in The Panels

Episode #37: Love is in The Panels. Recorded on 2/16/2014. The dudes from ComixBrew are back to regale you with all of their expertise on the subject of comic books and craft beer. They walk you through some news rocking the comic book world, and then go in-depth on The Bunker, The Royals: Masters of …

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Dec 09

ComixBrew Episode #27: Over the Edge

Episode #27: Over the Edge. Recorded on 12/7/2013. The guys gather in the frigid studio to entertain some folks. While huddling together for warmth they talk about Hellboy in Hell #5, Shadowman #13, and Burn the Orphanage #2. Afterwards they review some of the works from Creator’s Edge Press Jeff, The Mushroom Murders, and The …

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