Tag: Inhumans

Jul 03

ComixBrew Episode #213: Serial Killin League of America

ComixBrew Episode #213: Serial Killin League of America. Recorded on 7/1/2017. It’s time for another episode of every ones favorite podcast! This week the guys discuss the greatness that is Jack Kirby. ECCC has to pay out some back wages to about 250 workers. With each worker getting about 1500 bucks. The guys also get …

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Apr 07

ComixBrew Episode #44: The Captain America Aftermath

Episode #44: The Captain America Aftermath. Recorded on 4/5/2014. The studio is being upgraded and the guys enjoy the warmer climes within as they recover from seeing The Winter Soldier! Whilst Tyler can barely contain himself due to the greatness of the film, there is still a show for them to do. After news from …

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Dec 08

More Inhuman than Human

Phew! Infinity just wrapped up. How’s everybody feeling? On edge? Maybe a little drained? Well too bad, Marvel isn’t even about to let its readers or its creators rest. The ramifications of Thanos’ invasion of Earth will end up affecting the entire globe for months to come. In order to fend off the Mad Titan’s …

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