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Apr 10

ComixBrew Episode #201: Spotlight on Andrea Romano

Comixbrew Episode #201; Spotlight on Andrea Romano. Recorded on 4-8-2017 After celebrating 200 wonderful episodes, it’s back to business as usual for episode #201. This week the whole crew dives head first into the world of comic books, only resurfacing for air once they have something worth talking about, and there is a lot worth …

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Mar 20

ComixBrew Episode #198: Iron Fisting

Comixbrew Episode #198: Iron Fisting. Recorded on 3-18-2017. ComixBrew is back with another lovely episode for you fantastic listeners. Although this week is a little different. Josh decided to take himself one of those vacations thingies. So for the first time in a very very long time, there is no Josh this week. However, Adam …

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Feb 13

ComixBrew Episode #193: An Uncanny Valentine

ComixBrew Episode #193: An Uncanny Valentine. Recorded on 2/10/2017. ComixBrew is back once again to help you cope with the mundane. So come join Josh, Tyler and Adam as they discuss all the things you care about. Such as the new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Iron Fist trailers. They also let you …

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Feb 06

ComixBrew Episode #192: Monsters Leashed

ComixBrew Episode #192: Monsters Leashed. Recorded on 2/5/2017. ComixBrew is back, once again, to give you all the news fit to blab about! Come listen to Tyler, Josh, and Adam as they talk about some tragic news about comic artists, a rockin’ new beer from Anthrax, and let you in on the newest details about …

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Apr 25

ComixBrew Episode #151: Spotlight on Image Comics

ComixBrew Episode #151: Spotlight on Image Comics. Recorded on 4/23/2016. The full cast of ComixBrew returns to get things back on track for the week. Join Chris, Josh, Adam, and Tyler as they discuss the greatest in comic book culture and craft brewing. This week the guys break down some interesting news about Wonder Woman, …

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Feb 29

ComixBrew Episode #143: The Last Will

Episode #143: The Last Will. Recorded on 2/27/2016. ComixBrew returns to bring the very greatest of comics and brews. This week Adam, Tyler, Chris, and Josh tell you all about Daredevil Season 2, Iron Fist being cast, Timely Comics returning to Marvel, and there are some ECCC updatesl. Comics this week are: Daredevil #4, The …

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Feb 22

ComixBrew Episode #142: Color me Deadpool

Episode #142: Color me Deadpool. Recorded on 2/20/2016. Tyler and Chris are gone for the week, but Josh and Adam are not left hanging. Enter Brock! No, not Brock Sampson. And not the guy from Pokemon. But a Brock nonetheless! This week the guys discuss what’s coming up in comic books and comic culture, with …

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Dec 14

ComixBrew Episode #132: The More You Know About Brews

Episode #132: The More You Know about Brews. Recorded on 12/12/2015. It’s time for another round of good times with ComixBrew! Tyler, Adam, and Josh are your hosts on this glorious romp through brews, news, buy piles, and reviews. Josh brings the news this week and there’s a bunch. There’s a new X-Men Apocalypse trailer, …

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Apr 14

ComixBrew Episode #45: Sidekicks

Episode #45: Sidekicks. Recorded on 4/11/2014. The ComixBrew crew wades through another sloshing quagmire that is all geeky comic news in the world, and since this is the first and only place to get your news, the dudes execute their burden with the utmost professionalism. After tackling news , they review Iron Fist The Living …

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Nov 18

ComixBrew Episode #24: The Legacy

Episode #24: The Legacy. Recorded on 11/16/2013. Chris, Josh, and Tyler are back in yo face with some interesting revelations. Josh apologizes for episode 23, Chris chimes in about some beer news, and it turns out Tyler is a busy guy. In between rants, the dudes cover Unity #1, Manifest Destiny #1, and Umbral #1. …

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