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Aug 28

ComixBrew Episode #221: Woohoo!

ComixBrew Episode #221: Woohoo! Recorded on 8/25/2017. ComixBrew brings you the latest of their weekly escapades. There’s plenty to get through this week, including Secret Empire #9, a brief celebration of Jack “The King” Kirby’s 100th Birthday, and plenty more. There’s loads to discuss this week, so get in here and get some! Intro and …

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Jul 03

ComixBrew Episode #213: Serial Killin League of America

ComixBrew Episode #213: Serial Killin League of America. Recorded on 7/1/2017. It’s time for another episode of every ones favorite podcast! This week the guys discuss the greatness that is Jack Kirby. ECCC has to pay out some back wages to about 250 workers. With each worker getting about 1500 bucks. The guys also get …

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Nov 10

ComixBrew Episode #75: New Josh and Wax Picking

Episode #75: New and Improved Josh. Recorded on 11/8/2014. Chris, Tyler, and Josh have returned once more to talk about anything and everything surrounding comic books and craft beer. Today is Tyler’s turn to come up with the topics. He picked the upcoming DC storyline named Convergence, that Marvel has started crediting Jack Kirby and …

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Sep 29

ComixBrew Episode #69: You Get What We Mean

Episode #69: You Get What We Mean: Recorded on 9/27/2014. A very special episode of ComixBrew comes at you high and ready as we usher in the fall season. Chris, Josh, and Tyler are your hosts through this most jovial of quests as the lads discuss the ins and outs of comic book culture whilst …

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Sep 01

ComixBrew Episode #65: PAX Prime Returns

Episode #65: PAX Returns. Recorded on 8/29/2014. Tyler is absent from the show this weekend, he’s having serious surgery to get the massive pole removed from his rectum. Chris and Josh – ever the reliable ones – are prepared to bring you the latest and greatest in comic books and craft beer. But it’s a …

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Aug 12

ComixBrew Episode #10: Top Ten!

Episode #10: Top Ten! Recorded on 8/10/2013. In the absence of Chris, the FANBOYS PREVAIL! And they run the podcast for a reeeaaaalllly long time. For this milestone episode, Josh and Tyler talk about some topical news, they review Sidekick #1, Pathfinder: Goblins #1, Catalyst Comix #2, and Manhattan Projects #13. For a special treat …

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