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Dec 11

ComixBrew Episode #236 Deke-Lord is Coming to Town

ComixBrew Episode #236: Deke-Lord is Coming to Town. Recorded on 12-9-2017. Christmas is almost upon us, so here is the gift of a new episode of ComixBrew. This week we got a trailer for the next season of Jessica Jones on Netflix. As well as a trailer for an animated Spider-Man movie coming in 2018. …

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Jan 25

ComixBrew Episode #138: Die Hard Comics

Episode #138: Die Hard Comics. Recorded on 1/23/2016. Adam, Josh, Chris, and Tyler walk you through the weeks news, brews, and comic book reviews! After an epic lightsaber battle between Adam and Tyler, the guys discuss some Jessica Jones news, share their thoughts on the upcoming Justice League vs Teen Titans animated film, the Suicide …

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Dec 07

ComixBrew Episode #131: Spoilers, Adam Died

ComixBrew Episode #131: Spoilers, Adam Died. Recorded on 12/4/2015. That’s correct folks, it’s a somewhat sad day for ComixBrew, because spoilers….Adam died. But Tyler and Josh soldier on through the tragedy. There’s some other news! Did you happen to catch the new trailer for Batman v Superman? No? No problem, Josh and Tyler did and …

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Nov 23

ComixBrew Episode #129: Spotlight on Frank Quitely

Episode #129: Spotlight on Frank Quitely. Recorded on 11/21/2015. ComixBrew returns! Chris, Josh, Tyler, and Adam are back for another fantastic romp through comic books while enjoying some of the finest craft brews! This week, the guys dodge around Jessica Jones spoilers, and bring you the news. Apparently Frank Miller will be developing a fourth …

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Oct 26

ComixBrew Episode #125: Morning Mad Lib

Episode #125: Morning Mad Lib. Recorded on 10/24/2015. Chris is back in the studio!!! This week he schools Tyler, Josh, and Adam on the latest and greatest in all things worth knowing. There’s a coloring book coming to you from DC, and Mark Millar is back at Marvel in order to work with Stuart Immonen. …

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Sep 14

ComixBrew Episode #119: Because Jesus Was Hungry

Episode #119: Because Jesus Was Hungry. Recorded on 9/12/2015. Josh, Tyler, and Adam return to bring you the very best and brightest in comic books and craft brew. We want you to know about the event going down at 99 Bottles on Sept. 19th at 6 p.m. Pacific Time. Also there is news this week. …

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Aug 24

ComixBrew Episode #116: Tyler Can’t Have Nice Things

Episode #116: Tyler Can’t Have Nice Things. Recorded on 8/22/2015. Tyler makes his return to ComixBrew and he really pops! And then breaks a Beer Zombie glass….wah wah. But seriously, the dudes talk about some bottle cap theft, a Colorado beer that is infusing CBD oil into their recipe, a little Jessica Jones action happens, …

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Dec 08

ComixBrew Episode #79: Short & Sweet

Episode #79: Short & Sweet. Recorded on 12/5/2014. ComixBrew is back at full strength and in perfect health as they give you all the brews and news fit to hear. This week Josh, Chris, and Tyler discuss several new casting choices on the Marvel and DC sides, talk about some Frank Miller news, and discuss …

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