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Mar 13

The Jackson 5 (Comics, That Is)

Welcome to another installment of the Jackson 5, your weekly dose of what’s good on your local comic shop’s shelves. Or at least, what’s worth buying on a budget. Click through for this week’s list!

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Jan 28

The Jackson…8?

After a week-long-ish, moving-related hiatus, the Jackson 5 returns with a very special installment! Mainly because there was too much good stuff in the last two weeks. Click through to check out what you should grab!

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Jan 13

ComixBrew Episode #32: The Boys Pitch Some Comics

Episode #32: The Boys Pitch Some Comics. Recorded on 1/10/2013. In this episode Tyler decides to tell us all about where he was born and how his family came to be in Federal Way. Once the biographical stuff is put aside, the guys decide that maybe they should talk about some comics and some craft …

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Sep 30

Deus Ex Nihilo

The Avengers are split up in space, much of the universe has surrendered to the Builders, and everything is up to Captain America. How does Jonathan Hickman and Leinil Yu’s Avengers #20 fare? And what’s with all the different Ex Nihilo-looking dudes on the cover? Hit the jump to find out!

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Sep 02

ComixBrew Episode #13: The PAX Interruption

Episode #13: The PAX Interruption. Recorded on 8/31/2013 at Green Gem Studios. In this episode Chris, Tyler and Josh control their excitement for PAX long enough to go over some comic related news, including James Spader as Ultron, Man of Steel in Detroit and Top Cow Talent Hunt 2013. They also find time to review …

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Jun 24

New Avengers Begins a New Arc

New Avengers #7 by Jonathan Hickman and Mike Deodato picks up one month after the last arc. The Illuminati deal with the fallout of their actions, internal conflicts arise, and seeds are planted for the future. But does Hickman’s companion to Avengers pose the same obstacles to new readers? Hit the jump to find out.

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Jun 22

Maybe It’s Worth a Second Look

My major problem with Marvel is that their all build up with a poor finish. When I say this, I’m referring to the amazing potential of cross-overs like X-Men: Second Coming, Siege, Fear Itself, Shadowland, and Avengers vs. X-Men. Each of these stories left a sour taste in their wakes. And I think it’s the …

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