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Sep 04

ComixBrew Episode #222: Hurricane Comixbrew

ComixBrew Episode #222: Hurricane ComixBrew. Recorded on 9-2-2017 Another episode of your favorite comic book themed podcast is here for you to hear. This week every one is back and ready to give you opinions about things and stuff. Mainly comics, some beer, and even a bit about the troubles Houston is facing. Although, it …

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Jul 25

ComixBrew Episode #164: SDCC 2016 Aftermath

ComixBrew Episode #164: SDCC 2016 Aftermath. Recorded on 7/23/2016. ComixBrew returns to bring you the very best in comic books and craft brews. With the great event of San Diego Comic Con taking place last weekend, how could Tyler, Adam, and Josh discuss anything else? There’s the Eisner Award winners to name, Wonder Woman is …

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Jun 27

ComixBrew Episode #160: A Spicy Brew

ComixBrew Episode #160: A Spicy Brew. Recorded on 6/25/2016. ComixBrew returns and is Chris-less. Tyler, Josh, and Adam march onward into the world of comic books and craft brews. There’s plenty of casting news to discuss, especially in the realms of Spider-Man Homecoming, Supergirl, and Justice League. DC Comics seems to be killing it in …

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Oct 05

ComixBrew Episode #122: What Took You So Long?

Episode #122: What Took You So Long? Recorded on 10/3/2015. Strap in for an extra long episode this week as Tyler, Josh, and Adam drag you through the best news in craft brew and comic books. There’s some news about Watchmen at HBO, ABC and Marvel are bringing you a series in the style of …

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Dec 16

ComixBrew Episode 28: The Return of the Fanboys and The Mad-Liberation

Episode #28: The Return of the Fanboys and The Mad-Liberation. Recorded 12/13/2013. Chris catches a horrible virus while Tyler and Josh are left hanging by the guest that was supposed to show up! In lieu of having three hosts, Josh and Tyler stretch their fanboy powers to their limit. Amidst tangential topics and meager attempts …

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Nov 01

Justice League: Doom

Forget about Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, in my book the best super team in the world is the Justice League. A collective of the strongest, fastest, best, and brightest that the DC Universe has to offer. In this week’s From Comic to Screen, let’s delve into the next of the ensemble pieces from Warner Bros. Animation, …

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Oct 04

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

Anyone who’s ever read a DC Comic for any prolonged period of time should know that there is a massive multiversal aspect to that mythos. Meaning that there are anyone from very few to infinite numbers of parallel dimensions within the DC canon. The most notable storylines dealing with these involve more than one rendition …

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Sep 02

ComixBrew Episode #13: The PAX Interruption

Episode #13: The PAX Interruption. Recorded on 8/31/2013 at Green Gem Studios. In this episode Chris, Tyler and Josh control their excitement for PAX long enough to go over some comic related news, including James Spader as Ultron, Man of Steel in Detroit and Top Cow Talent Hunt 2013. They also find time to review …

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Aug 23

Justice League: The New Frontier

WARNING: Super Major Big Huge Spoilers are seeded throughout this entire review. If you haven’t seen or read Justice League: The New Frontier, stop what you are doing and go handle that!!   The main reason hardcore comic book fans are so skeptical about comics transposed onto the big screen is that a lot of …

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Jul 15

ComixBrew Episode #6

ComixBrew Episode #6: Recorded 7/13/2013 and dedicated to Ryan Davis. Josh returns from his vision quest in California, and he brought a special guest with him….or at least he thinks he did. Chris and Tyler, not wanting to freak Josh out made sure to play along. They take a look at Ghosted, Justice League #22, …

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