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Mar 15

ComixBrew Episode #197.5: Toronto Comics: Yonge at Heart

ComixBrew Episode #197.5: Toronto Comix: Yonge at Heart. Recorded on 3/11/2017. The Point-5 Initiative returns for another amazing interview with some fabulous comic book creators. This week Josh welcomes Steven Andrews and Aaron Feldman of Toronto Comics. The two are working with their team on their latest Kickstarter campaign for their fourth anthology collection. These …

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Aug 17

ComixBrew Episode #167.5: Miles Greb, Clovis

ComixBrew Episode #167.5: Miles Greb, Clovis. Recorded on 8/17/2016. The Point-5 Initiative seeps through the surface and brings you a brand new episode! This week, Josh and Tyler host Miles Greb, a friend and creator of optimistic science comics. There’s a ton discussed this week, but first and foremost you should go give Miles your …

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Jun 15

ComixBrew Episode #158.5: Vince Dorse, Untold Tales of Bigfoot

ComixBrew Episode #158.5: Vince Dorse, Untold Tales of Bigfoot. Recorded on 6/7/2016. The Point-5 Initiative returns! This week Josh speaks with Vince Dorse, writer, artist and creator of Untold Tales of Bigfoot. The two discuss Vince’s Kickstarter campaign, the origins of Vince’s comic book, and much more. Be sure to check out Vince’s Kickstarter while …

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May 25

ComixBrew Episode #155.5: James Stowe, Sidekick Quests

ComixBrew Episode #155.5: James Stowe, Sidekick Quests. Recorded on 5/17/2016. The Point-5 Initiative Returns! This week join Chris and Josh as they welcome James Stowe into the studio to discuss his Kickstarter campaign for Sidekick Quests: The Secret of the Sewer Wizard. This all ages book is not only a riveting tale of dungeon crawling, …

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May 11

ComixBrew Episode #153.5: Mike Kingston, Headlocked

ComixBrew Episode #153.5: Mike Kingston, Headlocked. Recorded on 5/8/2016. The Point-5 Initiative returns! This week Chris and Josh sit down with Mike Kingston, creator and writer of Headlocked – a comic book about the life of an up and coming professional wrestler. With cover art by WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler, and …

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Mar 31

Torchlight Lullaby

I want you to travel back in time with me for a second. You ready? We’re going all the way back to the year 2015, to a time where one Ryan Fisher got in touch with ComixBrew to talk with us about his Kickstarter project for a graphic novel called Torchlight Lullaby. We did an …

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Nov 30

ComixBrew Episode #130: Thankfully Yours

Episode #130: Thankfully Yours. Recorded on 11/28/2015. ComixBrew is back to close out November. This week Josh, Tyler, and Adam are joined by the man, the myth, the legend Jeremy Hauck – writer and creator of the successfully funded No Wonder comic book. This week the guys discuss some television and movie rumors, the amazing …

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Oct 14

ComixBrew Episode #123.5: Jeremy Hauck, No Wonder

Episode #123.5: Jeremy Hauck, No Wonder. Recorded on 10/3/2015. All the ComixBrew crew sits down to record a very special episode of The Point-5 Initiative. Josh, Adam, and Tyler welcome Jeremy Hauck into the studio via Skype. Jeremy is the writer and creator of an independent comic called No Wonder. No Wonder centers on a …

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May 30

The Cult Personality

There is evil all around. Things that go bump in the night. Things that couldn’t possibly be anything but the result of an overactive imagination. But what about those things in the world that are real? The stories of serial killers, rapists, murders, and all manner of evil that humankind has inflicted upon itself for …

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Dec 03

A Zombie of a Different Color

Since the runaway success of The Walking Dead, comic book culture has been bombarded on all sides by more and more zombie fiction. Everyone and their mother seems to think that zombies are the way to break into the industry. And for the most part, they’re not wrong. Even the big two publishers have been …

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