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May 18

ComixBrew Reads Civil War Part 2

ComixBrew Reads Civil War Part 2. Recorded on 4/24/2016. ComixBrew Reads returns for the epic conclusion of Civil War! The Marvel comics event that spawned several after it, written by Mark Millar and drawn by Steve McNiven. Join Tyler, Adam, and Josh as they finish off issues 4-7 of the event with flair, style, and …

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Oct 26

ComixBrew Episode #125: Morning Mad Lib

Episode #125: Morning Mad Lib. Recorded on 10/24/2015. Chris is back in the studio!!! This week he schools Tyler, Josh, and Adam on the latest and greatest in all things worth knowing. There’s a coloring book coming to you from DC, and Mark Millar is back at Marvel in order to work with Stuart Immonen. …

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Jan 14

The Jackson 5 (Comics, That Is)

The Jackson 5 is back to light up your day and lift you from your doldrums! But more importantly than that, there’s a new Star Wars comic beginning today. Repeat – THERE IS A NEW STAR WARS COMIC. Click through to see what else will pale in comparison.

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Aug 12

ComixBrew Episode #10: Top Ten!

Episode #10: Top Ten! Recorded on 8/10/2013. In the absence of Chris, the FANBOYS PREVAIL! And they run the podcast for a reeeaaaalllly long time. For this milestone episode, Josh and Tyler talk about some topical news, they review Sidekick #1, Pathfinder: Goblins #1, Catalyst Comix #2, and Manhattan Projects #13. For a special treat …

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Jun 08

“You’re a Bunch of Goddam Pussies”

Dave Lizewski is back is his green and yellow scuba suit! Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. launched the first issue of the final chapter of Kick-Ass last Wednesday. It picks up right where Kick-Ass 2 left off, with Hit-Girl in chains held in a super-max prison. Dave and his team of wannabes are faced …

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