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Oct 10

ComixBrew Episode #175: NYCC vs. Luke Cage

ComixBrew Episode #175: NYCC vs. Luke Cage. Recorded on 10/7/2016. ComixBrew is battling the brews, news, and comic books just for you! Join Chris, Adam, Josh, and Tyler as they roll through the greatest things of the week. There’s a ton of New York City Comicon news! News about Logan, Punisher and Iron Fist have …

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Sep 19

ComixBrew Episode #172: Just Keep Pumpin

ComixBrew Episode #172: Just Keep Pumpin. Recorded on 9/16/2016. ComixBrew is back in action with a full load of comic books and craft brews just for you! Join Chris, Adam, Tyler, and Josh as they dive into the best of news and reviews. Alamo Brewing Company is raising awareness for Prostate Cancer, DC Comics signs …

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May 16

ComixBrew Episode #154: Make Murica Great Again

ComixBrew Episode #154: Make Murica Great Again. Recorded on 5/13/2016. ComixBrew is here to defend the freedom and rights of the people! Join the patriotic team of Chris, Tyler, Josh, and Adam as they uphold the nation’s welfare all on their own. This week Tyler tells you about Budweiser making themselves the official beer of …

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Nov 01

Jet City Comic Show 2015 Day 2

In a five story convention center, in the city of Tacoma, WA, during Halloween weekend one convention dared to say: “Let’s have a show that focuses on local artists and comic book shops. A place where the folks in Western Washington can show off their stuff, fans can dress as their favorite characters, and comic …

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Dec 22

ComixBrew Episode #81: Nom-Nom Nominations

Episode #81: Nom-Nom Nominations. Recorded on 12/20/2014. This week the ComixBrew crew welcomes Fake Adam from BadFlix into the paneled circle as they discuss news, brews, and do some reviews of comics. Tyler guides the guys through new about Viola Davis, Archie comics reboot, and DC’s impending cancellation of 13 titles. The dudes also review …

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Sep 02

ComixBrew Episode #13: The PAX Interruption

Episode #13: The PAX Interruption. Recorded on 8/31/2013 at Green Gem Studios. In this episode Chris, Tyler and Josh control their excitement for PAX long enough to go over some comic related news, including James Spader as Ultron, Man of Steel in Detroit and Top Cow Talent Hunt 2013. They also find time to review …

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Aug 19

ComixBrew Episode #11: The Big Comeback!

Episode #11: The Big Comeback! – Recorded 8/17/2013 Chris returns and reveals he doesn’t listen to a single episode of the podcast…All astonishment aside the guys regale their audience with some nerdy and beer oriented news. They review Six Gun Gorilla #3, East of West #5, and Herobear and the Kid: The Inheritance #1. Also, …

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Aug 12

ComixBrew Episode #10: Top Ten!

Episode #10: Top Ten! Recorded on 8/10/2013. In the absence of Chris, the FANBOYS PREVAIL! And they run the podcast for a reeeaaaalllly long time. For this milestone episode, Josh and Tyler talk about some topical news, they review Sidekick #1, Pathfinder: Goblins #1, Catalyst Comix #2, and Manhattan Projects #13. For a special treat …

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Jul 28

ComixBrew Episode #8

ComixBrew Episode #8: Recorded 7/25/2013. In the absence of Tyler, Chris and Josh have to face the evil sickness that has taken hold of Chris and threatens to overrun the entire podcast! While battling this vicious ailment, they review news coming out of SDCC, Uncanny, Red Team, Uncanny Avengers, and Lazarus. They also continue their …

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Jul 22

SDCC 2013 Wrap-Up

This year’s Comic Con was hot and heavy for all fans of the more nerdy side of popular culture. And while we weren’t able to wrangle up any tickets, we do have a nice recap of the major stories this year.   DC Entertainment   Zack Snyder announced that the follow-up movie for Man of …

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